On the omnipotence paradox

Most times this paradox is formulated as can god create a square triangle? To which many apologists have said their god can only do things that are logical. They have further argued that this doesn’t diminish omnipotence but I am not persuaded. Same apologists believe an ass has spoken, a snake walked and a floor covered the entire earth surface.

Can god make a tall person short? Or a black person white? If not, why? Is there any logical contradiction in the above questions?

Or am I missing something?

The problem of omnipotence

Friends, a while ago in a post I did ask if it was possible for god to commit suicide. I want to revisit the post but I want to ask a different question. Omnipotence would mean that whatever god willed, it should happen. We are told his creating the universe was an act of will. So now, don’t you all the think the most important question for a god would be what would happen if it were not there… in essence what would happen if god ceased to exist.

Am assuming this is what happened at the beginning of the universe, in willing the universe into existence, he willed himself out of existence and this explains why there is no evidence for a god.

What are your views?