Random pictures

60 years after independence, the government hasn’t managed to guarantee access to safe drinking water.
Well, I don’t know why I like this photo
Who wanna go for a ride
Bike for hire
Bon mots
Twendeni 🎣
The barrister here sold me a drink in a hammer and got Me hammered
You must pay at the gate before you get in.

Table Mountain hike

So I have done a number of hikes recently but this was really a tough one. I am going ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.

I had planned to leave the house for the long trip at 5:30. That’s the time I woke up. Or later. Drove to Ndunyu Njeru junction then drove on an all weather road for ages.

The access to this mountain is nondescript. There is nothing to tell you that you are at the gate. There is no gate. But that is how it starts to fuck you. There is a steep descent into the river, then you sneak in through the fence and start to climb. It is a sharp incline for 2km where it gets slightly flat.

From there you have a gentle climb to the table which is kinda of an anti climax as there is really no signage to tell you are at the top. I noticed as well that wasn’t the highest point though. Did I mention that getting to that table includes walking through marshland and tuft grass that is so thick you can hardly lift your legs.

Then there is the trek to the 7 ponds through more marshland. If you add to this a lost guide, then you have drama. We were saved by ribbons though. And talking of guides, when I arrived at the start point, I was given a guide. Let’s call her Jane. We hardly hiked 500m before I lost her. She was too slow.

When I finished the hike, I was too thirsty, drank water from here
Who sits to rest after 2km hike.
Yours truly
We went through this
Us trekking to the 7 ponds/ lakes
This is still not how high we went
The 7 ponds