Public service announcement

We interrupt our irregular broadcast to bring to your attention this very important new item that reached our desk.

We will be waiting with bated breathe for this day.

we interrupt our normal broadcast

to bring this important pastoral message from a pastor Curt Landry on the ongoing stalemate following the yet to be concluded US election. The good parson had this to say

Son of man, do you think that I am going to allow my prophets who prophesied Trump’s second term and prophesied all this goodness coming to this nation to be mocked by a mass media manipulation?” Landry asked rhetorically, speaking on behalf of God. “The Lord says, ‘No, I shall not. For my namesake, I shall protect my word, I shall protect my people, I shall protect my prophets from this evil destruction. For I shall pull back the veil and I shall reveal that which is done in darkness. For they who shift the votes and move the boxes around, those who raised the dead and the dead vote, I will expose them says the Lord. For they may be tricky men, but they shall not trick me,’ says the Lord.”

Friendly Atheist

I think it is time you Biden supporters started praying since it seems prayers reaching the heavens have only been from the Trump side.

A question for believers

I hope there are enough of you who visit this blog.

Mathew writes

All things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive[ 21:22]

And at the same time you believe the god you believe in is omniscient and all loving. Is it possible that either he doesn’t care, it his will that shit happens to you and you are offending s/h/it by asking for the problem to be taken away or worse still, you are suggesting that this god you believe in could have been wrong and you want them to chair their mind?

In brief, am asking why pray?

Healing is a phone call away

Friends, things get by the day. All those of you who are sick, don’t bother going to the hospital. There is a pastor who will pray for you and you get well. The good news is you must not meet him, just send him a text and your problems are taken care of.

I just have a minor question, when did god decide whose prayers he will listen to? I think the christians should then just appoint the few people god hears their prayers and the rest of the people can continue with their lives! This will help a long way for one, god will have just a few select people to listen to, they can agree on the times to send their requests so god’s diary is not busy and, for those who believe Jesus is seating on the right hand side of a spirit without form, Jesus will have some work prioritizing what god needs to attend to and help in identifying conflicting requests like two teams all playing for a win in the same match and such like.

When I get the number, I will share it. It is not included in the article 😦

Miracle pastor on call.

Blog Break 2

Most of you know my friend Cornell. He has a very interesting post [ Now this is what I call a perfect prayer] which he says he was taught a  decade or so ago which for all intents I think is a prayer of a person trying reverse psychology on god, whichever god it is is yours to decide.

Oh LORD, If I worship You for fear of Hell, burn me in Hell,

and if I worship You in hope of Paradise, exclude me from Paradise.

But if I worship You for Your Own sake,

grudge me not Your everlasting Beauty.

If you ask me, this prayer asks god to evaluate the sincerity in the prayer. Am feeling lazy and I know you my friends have more to say to my friend.

The second post is a meme, that those of you who spend time on Facebook must have seen. I will sample a few comments

Misty Troy Walling asks:  Atheist: how can you be against something you don’t believe in. I am so thankful for a merciful God!

No, we are not against god. We just lack a belief. Did you get that?

Tracy Roger Wilson  I always wonder why atheists troll FB sites that are clearly Christian based? Is it just to incite arguments ? If so, why?? Why do atheists want to condemn those who believe in God? They seem to spend alot of time thinking about something they don’t believe in. There’s no peace there!

Create your private internet. If it is in the public atheists will comment and you can comment on atheists sites as long as you can defend your ridiculous claims.

Kirk Cameron I am a recovering atheist. I’d still be an atheist today if it weren’t for God. He has been so kind to me. My old days of denying His existence based on not seeing Him was as foolish as the words from the second boy in this womb. Without a mom, he couldn’t even make the statement. Thank you Lord, for graciously opening my eyes of faith to see You…and loving me when I didn’t deserve it. Romans 5:8

Seriously, are you saying this to get many comments? Tell me what you understand by atheism? Why Christianity and their god among the many gods on offer?

Hey, brother, do you think?