On affirmation

Many years ago, when I was young and naive, the secret had just come out, Paulo Coelho was all the craze and new age stuff were everywhere,  I almost believed if I wrote on a wall or a page somewhere everyday that I want a rich wife, that the universe will do whatever it does to grant me my wish. I have seen people still believe that by writing something, and repeating it often enough, they can and will influence the universe.

And as Paul wrote, when I became a man, I left my childish ways, I realised that this was all bull. But write it down, tell yourself this several times a day and you may put it somewhere you see it all the time, it might Just happen as you desire. But don’t for a minute believe that your small act changed the course of the universe.

Or maybe the universe does listen when we tell it we want a job.

Thoughts that keep me awake

The landmass that makes the African continent is larger than China, Europe and America combined. The population of Africa is a measly 1.1 billion. India is 1.3 billion and China 1.4 billion but we have a population problem in Africa. What am I missing?

Do watchmakers believe that there is some absolute time that they try to make their chronographs match with accuracy?

Is there wisdom in dying for truth in a world where there is no absolute truth? Especially in the field of convictions? Should not one make allowance for being wrong? Or mistaken?

Those who kill others for the truth, do they allow for being wrong? How can they make amends if they were to discover they were grossly mistaken?

How is that African dictators never seem to die or even fall sick in office? Their hold both on power and health makes one think they have a deal with fortune to cause as much pain as possible and then some more? Well, maybe all dictators/ authoritarian leaders.

Why is running addictive and sometimes so hard?

Random stories

For three weeks I couldn’t run. My right knee had developed some pain that made walking a heavy task. No. I have not fallen recently. And when I fell the last time, it was my shoulder that took the hit, not my knees. Yesterday I ran for 4km and today I managed a 6km run and a 40 mile ride. So far the knee is not complaining.

I am yet to finish reading spillover. I think laziness caught up with me. But the question that lingers in my head is, with destruction of ecosystems and increased human and wildlife/animal interaction how will we cope with zoonotic diseases? How many of these viruses were accidentally created or released from a laboratory? What happens when a rogue agent takes control of a biosafety lab and releases its contents?

Are things back to normal where you are? Have the stay at home orders been lifted? Last I heard, the government has stopped bars and restaurants from selling alcohol but you can buy in the supermarket so it’s not all bad. I see some people in masks. Some don’t have.

It was a holiday here today. Eid, I think.

Have a pleasant weekend ahead.

To all the new followers

Greetings and welcome.

Once in a while I write clever things.

Most of the time, I write not clever things.

We are always learning and changing our beliefs

We support abolition of the police and prisons.

We are igtheists.

We cycle.

And we are architects.

I tweet a lot. If my tweets offend you, maybe your beliefs are the problem, not my tweets.

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with that, we say, karibuni