I am tired of traffic cops

I don’t like cops. No. I am generally law abiding not necessarily because I am a good person 😀but because breaking the law is expensive. But I hate our traffic police and the courts that deal with traffic offences.

I swear these two groups don’t exist to make our lives better. First, the traffic cops will take every opportunity to extort you for an infraction and because going to the courts is generally a tiring prospect, people would rather part with money in form of a bribe that the humiliation of the court process.

You recall I have once written about the speed cops who would flag you down for driving 5kph above the posted speed limit and threaten to take you to court or waste your whole day until you bribe them. What difference does it make if I drive 5kph faster in an area where there are no pedestrian crossings or a market?

The traffic courts are worse. You go to court at 9 only for your case to be mentioned at 11 or 12. A whole day wasted just because of a minor infraction.

If you ask me, our legal system and the traffic department are not concerned with road safety rather they are opportunities for government to get money from us over and above what it takes in the name of tax. Or for the police officers to line their pockets with in the name of bribes.

Maybe we should abolish the police!

When he works out of town

As you may all have heard, there was a violent raid in one of the towns in the coastal region where quite a number were killed, houses and business property destroyed among others. I hear the HMS have claimed responsibility. I don’t know, especially since I don’t watch news.

Politicians, religious leaders and anyone who can say anything has been quick to condemn the attacks. Others have called for the sacking of security chiefs for sleeping on the job. I think the only reasonable thing that has so far been done is to condemn the beastly act. Beyond that, all the other things being said is just noise.

You do not expect a people who have been marginalized by all the governments we have had since self rule to really be concerned by issues national when residents don’t have title deeds to lots and others from elsewhere have.

It is insane that for me to get to Marsabit, a place not so far from Nairobi, I have to hire police escort or I will never arrive their in one piece. What kind of government allows that to happen? Why do people act like such things are not important? Why are they quick to cry foul when such an attack takes place not realizing that security is a function of a healthy society. A society where the majority, as much as is humanly practicable, have access to a decent living is a healthy one. Such a society is in no need of jailhouses and police outposts. How long will it take the noise makers to realize that deploying more police officers without tackling poverty, unemployment, ignorance will result in naught.

I condole those families that lost their loved ones but hold each member of our society responsible. We elected clowns who are clueless about what is happening in the country. The clowns have appointed sillier clowns to run government agencies. They open their mouth to replace their feet. Nothing intelligent comes out of those foul mouths.

If anything security-wise is to change, the country must start not to invest in a bigger police force but in a healthy and equitable society. This is the challenge which am not holding my breath to see a politician come up with.