Is any death different from the other

Fellow sufferers, this post was inspired by a post I read today, the sacrament of remembering.

First I don’t mean disrespect for the dead.

Second, I know many people fear death.

As an observer, I have noticed that some deaths are treated as more important than others. They get more news coverage, they are talked of for several days and innuendos are made about what was likely to be the cause of death. While there are those people whose death go unnoticed, unannounced, people who mattered to some family, a breadwinner, a father, a brother, a mother, a sister and so on. Why do we do this?

On the day of the Boston bombing where 3 people died, a total of 57 or more died in Iraq of bomb related deaths, this didn’t get as much coverage. Have we put a price to those we pay tribute to? Are there lives we consider more important than others?

Why has some death have to occupy the public psyche for so long, that the media bombards us with the goings on of the dead that our lives for sometime becomes, so to speak, living for the dead. Flags are flown at half mast, a day of mourning is declared, speeches written and analysts elbow each other for space to give us their two cents on the issue.

Since, each day so many people die, shouldn’t the flags then all fly at half mast or 3/4 mast all year round to pay tribute to all those who go before us?

I rest my case here!