Jean Meslier

I share with Nietzsche a liking for the French intellect of old [ I hope they still are] and it is in this respect that I introduce to you Fr. Jean Meslier a Roman Catholic priest who after a pastoral service of thirty[30] years at Etrepigny in Champagne, France, wholly abjured religious dogmas abd left as his last will and testament, to his parishioners and to the world, to be published after his death, a work entitled Common Sense. I don’t intend to do a review of the book as I have done to other books, so the different passages will be construed to form part of the review. The book is wonderfully written in beautiful prose. Those who have a lot of time in their hands as does your truly can add it to their reading list and I can vouch for the book being a worthy contender in any library!

After dispelling with introductions, I intend in the next few days to lift passages from his book to show you, dear readers, who still doubt the conclusion of Atheism as the rational one to be wholly misguided and has continued to abuse the little, no pun intended, common sense that you have. I don’t mean to make my agnostic friends look bad, especially those leaning towards Atheism, I just want you to consider the few pages I will quote here from time to time and tell me if agnosticism is really a warranted position unless you also admit to be an Atheist.

If you allow me, our first quote is


There is a science which has for its object only incomprehensible things. Unlike all others, it occupies itself but with things unseen. Hobbes calls it “the kingdom of darkness.” In this land all obey laws opposed to those which men acknowledge in the world they inhabit. In this marvelous region light is but darkness, evidence becomes doubtful or false, the impossible becomes credible, reason is an unfaithful guide, and common sense changed into delirium. This science is named Theology, and this Theology is a continual insult to human reason.