do you want to beat your spouse?

Or your child without fear of the state jailing you for instilling discipline on your wayward child or spouse? Then book a ticket to Russia.

You see, the Orthodox Church has

.. pushed for looser restrictions on domestic abusers, claiming that the state should not interfere in family matters and that calls to make domestic violence a crime are informed by Western influences that want to impose liberal values on Russia.

I think this is a way to make the world a safer place 😦

I hope this story is not true.

In January 1905, a number of Russians

Made the following petition to the Tsar

  •  the right to vote;
  • freedom of speech, the press, and association;
  • freedom of conscience;
  • separation of Church and state;
  • equality before the law;
  • freedom to form trade unions;
  • the right to strike;
  • an eight-hour working day;
  • insurance benefits; and improved wages.
  • They also demanded an end to the Russo-Japanese War, especially after Russia’s humiliating defeat at the hands of the Japanese in 1904

These demands were made by socialists and workers

Something interesting in all radical and revolutionary work is the belief in the working classes to radically transform society for the greater benefit of everyone.

While in Russia 

Don’t be a Jehova Witness or Putting may have you sent to the coolers.

While I believe religious belief should be an artefact of our past, I am convinced each person should believe as they do as long as they are not disturbing the peace or harming anyone. If a fellow believes the bible is true, the whole truth and only truth, we’ll and good as long as it remains in the private sphere.

In the public square, it would be ridiculous to believe in talking asses. Not that we don’t have several assholes in our midst 🙂

Directives such as this by the Russian government or the blasphemy laws in Pakistan have no place in a secularizing world. Freedom of conscience and belief should be guaranteed to all by states and I think there is a UN declaration somewhere in the books saying such a thing.