William Ruto vows to defend Kenya against homosexuality

We rarely write about local issues here. The DP has sworn to protect the country from homosexuality. He says

Homosexuality is against the plan of God, God did not create man and woman so that men would marry men and women marry women

for those of you who are unaware, what marriage god wants depends on which part of the bible you are reading. If you read somewhere in the NT, it is better to stay single, the world is ending anyway. The OT has different variations that Ruto will be hard placed to choose the correct one. I am not sure what god’s plan is on corruption, land grabbing and or crimes against humanity like massive displacement of persons. May be just as in the days of Israel and Canaan, god looks the other side.

Last I checked, this country was secular and the DP was not elected a church pastor. So to say

We have heard that in the US they have allowed gay relations and other dirty things. I want to say as a Christian leader that we will defend our country Kenya, we will stand for our faith and our country

is irresponsible. What dirty things is he talking about? The government, which he is the deputy president, is ineffective and inefficient,corrupt and is unable to get anything done. Security has deteriorated so much that security guards will soon outnumber those working in the tourism industry.

I say, tell this

No amount of persuasions, theories or philosophy will make us change our position. We believe in God, this is a God fearing nation and will continue to be so

to the dogs. What god fearing country where waste in government is the order of the day. Corruption or sleaze is the byword. Tell us something else! You believe in god, many of us don’t. And how a gay person affects your marriage is anyone’s guess.

And I find some of the comments very interesting

Sarete says

By all means let us list the “unchristian practices” and just wondering if corruption, stealing, grabbing of public land is unchristian or pro-christian.

eddyme asks

Is christianity not foreign?what a hypocrite!

Why don’t you do your job instead of worrying about gays. Why don’t you start by defending the constitution against thieves and corrupt leaders, defend primary kids from teargas throwing cops

and then of course, the bigots, idiots, the DP’s supporters

Thanks very much the VP this is leadership. I am a Ugandan I wish you present yourself for the President of East Africa Federation that is the only way we can payback.

How come you’ve done nothing to those who have come out in the open ? Once you legalize things like that, it is very unfair to arrest someone for speeding …..in fact you must do away with most laws

Great thing to see a leader stand for what he believes in.

I can safely report that 50% or more of the comments are people who think the DP should concern himself with what he swore to do. Defend the constitution, fight poverty, eradicate crime/ corruption, improve access to healthcare and education while at the same time create employment opportunities for the many unemployed Kenyans.

For the clown to pretend that gays have become an issue of national concern is to side step real issues facing the Kenyan tax payer. I assure the DP or any of his minions that no gay is after you. Sleep peacefully with your wife or wives and let others be. Spare us this nonsense. We have real issues to deal with and while at it, instead of this harambees, do something for once!

Ruto and gays

ICC question and the future of Kenya after the elections

In a few days we are going to elect our next president and I need not remind you who are the contenders. In a democratic society everyone is allowed to cast their vote as you so please, but here I think we need to take caution. We are a net importer of goods and services. We depend on the good will of our development partners to export our tea and coffee to their countries.

Brothers and sisters, when Mzee Moi was president in the early 1990s we had donor freeze, stunted growth, high unemployment, unstable exchange rate and many other social and economic problems simply because his government was despotic and wasn’t accountable to the house and to the development partners. We are on the verge of committing an error of several magnitude, whose effect no one really knows for certain, if we elect the Uhuru/ Ruto duo to the helm of government.

By electing them, we will have voted against the ICC and the Int’l community and what will follow is hard to tell but we have examples in Zim and Sudan to guide us to what might happen. Now is the time for all of us who care about our country, a semblance of progress and prosperity to go out of our way and convince our friends in the Jubilee Coalition not to vote for their presidential candidate, for goodness sake, the duo have a case to answer at the ICC. I don’t say they are guilty, neither do I ask they be punished, nope, that would contradict what I believe in, all am asking is they settle that case first and foremost then vie for president. Am not the president of the court.

All I want is they attend to the matters of the court as private citizens and later on in future they may apply to govern. For the time being, please stop the campaigns and do something worthwhile with your time!

There is a case in the High Court challenging the legibility of Uhuro/Ruto candidacy. I don’t want to preempt the judges’ decision but I think if they are truly rational they will disqualify the two from the election and put the dates of the appeal after the election. I think this would be the heroic thing to do but then you can’t trust these judges!

The European Union has made their position clear, you can elect anyone you want but there will be consequences

and President Obama had this message to the Kenyan public.

and shortly after Johnnie Carson had this to say on the choices we will make.

One has to be really daft not to see the message the international community is sending here. There are those who support the Jubilee presidential aspirants and make a claim we are a sovereign nation and shouldn’t be bullied by anyone. I don’t disagree, but we are in a global village. Zimbabwe is sovereign and when I last checked inflation was at 11,000,000 % and Republic of Sudan has public transport grounded, civil unrest and uncertainty and an imminent rise in unemployment and a government unable to meet its obligation.  What is sovereignty when life becomes unlivable because of the ego of two individuals? Is sovereignty going to create employment to satisfy the ego of two men?

I need these UhuRo supporters to tell me why they think we should vote for their candidate. Am open to persuasion.

I abhor tribalism. I have spoken and written against it, am only asking that all those people who love Uhuru to not vote for him, that is all. But if you desire to suffer for love as Prometheus suffers for his love for humanity after he gives them fire, then by all means vote for Uhuru/ Ruto. If on the other hand you feel as strongly as I do, then ensure they lose, I don’t care who you vote for as long as you don’t vote for Uhuro and Ruto.

I hope this is not too much to ask.