I need help here

Where I come from, left or right or centre refer to relative geographical positions depending on where someone is standing but I think those words mean entirely a different thing in the “west”( I have it quotation marks as a way of asking west of what?)

So I was listening to this video and there is talk of regressive left, alt-right and woke left that has left me confused.

So here is the question, assume you’re explaining to a child and tell me the difference between the right, alt-right, leftist and regressive left.

Thank you

To all my religious friends

And especially enemies who over the years have felt offended by my tweets, blog posts that are critical to religion, I want to tell you i am sorry and that I plan to continue doing just that.

The good news however, is that I have today joined a new religion that I didn’t know existed. I am an ordained minister as we speak and I will be blessing every tweet or blog post I send to protect it from your funny prayers.

There is peace that comes with finding the right religion and today I found it.

May the Dude be with you all.