In defence of Thomas

Many times we hear people are called doubting Thomases for demanding evidence or proof of something. Thomas, for those of you new here said to his fellow disciples when they said they had seen the Lord, that except he sees the hands and put his finger through, he is not buying the story. We are told Jesus rebuked him for making this demand. And believers since then take pride in not being Thomas. But I insist for knowledge to progress, we must be Thomas.

Our knowledge has only progressed to the extent that criticism has been alive allowing for testing of ideas, abandoning those that can’t hold and at the same time stating categorically that our knowledge is open to challenge. That we don’t have the final word.

So go out and become a Thomas, proudly and without shame.

on the devil and other news

aka Satan.

Nan says the dude has no real existence. The cuddly one says it is a mistake to think the devil is a myth.

I think the author of this article is not serious. He claims, boldy, that

As C.S. Lewis once observed, even among critics, the teachings of Jesus reflect the highest standard of morality known to man.

which makes me think he hasn’t really considered what he calls the highest standard of morality.

The mythical Dave the author quotes can believe as possible or true natural explanation even when these have not proven as long as they don’t require a miracle. In a world of particles colliding where some of those particles result in thinking beings, wrong and right become very useful indicators as some things are either beneficial or inimical to the continued survival of such species of organisms.

Regis tells us modern man is concerned with, following Maslow, self actualization instead of seeking salvation- individual salvation, so to speak. I see no difference between the two except in the means.

If god exists, Regis must tell us what has taken her so long to provide manna to end starvation? Or to make wine so we all can make merry. Man has been struggling in darkness to solve the problems of man. Were it not for nationalism, short term vision, greed, we could have made progress in how we deal with some of the crisis that face us.

Have a devil free Monday and a good week everyone.

Science and philosophy

Philosophers should be scientists and scientists philosophers. The current rigid separation of science from philosophy is dangerous, for it encourages acquiescence in partial knowledge, leaving the ultimate and all embracing concern with truth only to faith and ideological and racist obscurantism. The separation denies scientists human wisdom and philosophers the sober knowledge of nature. Science without philosophy is wrongly authoritative, while philosophy without science is seriously limited.

Odera Oruka

god, science, evolution

Does science disprove god? so the question gets asked.

Most who are scientifically minded quickly say no. They quickly add science is not in the business of god and accommodationists argue science and religion occupy different magestria.

But is this really the case or is this about modesty?

Take for example the case of evolution. If evolution is fact, Genesis 1 is disproved and this is a case of science disproving god. I may add here, for the benefit of my critique, that the theist could argue that it is their god that put the mechanism for evolution in place. This could be the case but they will have to choose whether such a god is beneficent or omnipotent.

In the same scenario, does an old universe disprove god? I think it does. And more still, whereas both the theist and atheist are ignorant of whether the universe is self existing or created, the atheist can say that so far as we know, all manifestations in nature (that is phenomena) need no supernatural push and to this extent science has shown no divine agency is necessary.

But one may ask about the nature of things in themselves and whether there is an Unknowable something beyond it all. Here, the theist may argue that at the beyond phenomena, in the dark areas where human knowledge can’t penetrate, there, their god resides. The atheist will argue from the indestructibility of matter and persistence of force, lies the source of all things. Since this is beyond all possible experience, conceding this to the theist gives them no advantage over the atheist.

In conclusion, in the area of experience, which is, in my view, the purview of science, it has been demonstrated there is no god, whatever they are conceived to be, but beyond the level of experience, everyone, atheist and theist alike are free to speculate all they want. Each must however remember that to think something could be, does not translate to it being.

Chronicles of YHWH 6: DTC01

S. H’s DECtalk DTC01: With the formidable lens of mathematics, and a fecundity of imagination, I have seen some amazing shit.

C. Fundie: “But you haven’t seen the amazing grace of Jesus.”

S. H’s DECtalk DTC01: I have watched, and celebrated, the birth and death of many a star type: Wolf Rayets, Pulsers, White Dwarfs, and Quasers.

C. Fundie: “Yeah, but you should read about the birth and death of Jesus. He died for you.”

S. H’s DECtalk DTC01: Through the eyepiece of mathematics, I have seen the Doppler shifts, Time and space dilation, the Lense-Thirring Precesion, and the Schwarzschild Radii that delineate all cosmic black holes.

C. Fundie: “I bet you didn’t go to church today.”

S.H’s DECtalk DTC01: I have delved into such corners of mathematics as topology and, armed with a wealth of cognitive constructions, stitched into existence non-orientable, counter-intuitive objects. I have reduced three dimensional artefacts into two dimensional surfaces, such as Mobius strips and Klein bottles.

C. Fundie: “Still, without Jesus in your heart, you labour in vain.”

S.H’s DECtalk DTC01: On particularly inspired days, I have shed off my shoes, and run barefoot through many an exotic Calabi-Yau pathways, soared naked and free through multi-faceted Hilbert Spaces, and beheld a spectrum of realms so abstract that my mortal eyes can only stare, awed and enchanted.

C. Fundie: “Come back to Jesus, and he will rescue you from eternal damnation.”

S.H’s DECtalk DTC01: And in all this, I find it impossible to imagine that a being as pathetic and primitive as that described in the various “Holy Books” could have created such cosmic wonders. If, indeed, such an entity exists, and wants to punish me in hell for all eternity after I die, so be it. I will enter hell with bright eyes, and a song in my heart, for the earthly ride was well worth it.


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