Tomorrow sex will be good again

By Katherine Angel

Is a book I would recommend for those still actively having sex or who plan to get some action in the future.

In it she addresses the issues surrounding consent especially following #metoo and other campaigns aimed at addressing sexual violence against women( especially women because they are overly represented in the number victims of sexual violence) and explored whether that active consent is a sufficient guarantee that women will be safe.

She explores arousal, desire, vulnerability and asks some very pointed questions. Many times men are won’t to say that women when they say no actually mean yes or that their bodies speak a different language which is not said for men. It is argued that the female body is disconnected from her person. And this unfortunately has been used in legal cases to argue against rape where defendants have said the woman was wet and so she must have wanted it, regardless of her protestations.

A very interesting question or theme that runs through the book is how can sex research which claim to be objective give us any results when sex is removed from its very subjective context of negotiation, desire, arousal and all those things we associate with sex?

Sex she argues is political. Especially in the manner in which the female body and desire is policed. And asks whether to demand that women be performative in the sex game will lead to any liberation? Is it the panacea to sexual violence? I don’t think so.

Go read the book. Happy week everyone and have some good sex while at it.

God wants unity in the church

But draws the line at homosexuality or rather on sex. In short, god is concerned more with sex than with economic justice, environmental protections or even racial problems. Just sex.

Lisa writes

Not every issue Christians disagree about is black and white. There are shades of grey and room for differences of opinion concerning some issues (eschatology, politics, Calvinism, Arminianism, expressions of worship, etc.). However, sexuality, homosexuality and the number of genders that exist are settled issues. The Bible clearly teaches homosexuality is a sin. Moreover, God made humans in His image, male and female, only, period. (Genesis 1:27, Leviticus 20:13,1st Timothy 1:9-11, 1st Corinthians 6:9).

so go be a good Christian and don’t open a discussion on sexuality.

God said go yea and marry

No. I have made that up.

It does seem most people, especially religious ones, seem so hang up on sex outside marriage. Now, in an age when there was no formal education, girls got married almost as soon as they had their menses. Since virginity was such a prized possession, it made sense to marry off the girls young. But now with formal education, both boys and girls get married at later dates but no solution has been found for raging hormones. To solve this problem, this blogger has a solution

I don’t think a Christian woman should move out of her fathers house until she marries, especially considering the absolute sexual immorality we live amongst.

Rebekah is not taking any of you to hell. Maybe just say hello to her.

Have you been aware that you could be suffering from birth anxiety? There is such a thing as birth anxiety.

I didn’t know fundamentalists have been around for a century now.

Maybe religion is here to stay.

Happy week everyone.

I was going to let this pass

But I thought against it.

God, it seems, uses earthquakes as a way to tell men and women they are fucking a lot. It does seem it is time geography/ geology books were reviewed to reflect this revelation; instead of movement in the earth crust being the cause of earthquakes, it should read god’s anger and particularly, the god of Jesus.

It is time Christians who live near fault lines or in earthquake prone areas started asking their neighbours whether they are having any illicit sex and to stop forthwith as this seems the only way to deal with their god’s anger. Or better still, given human beings are going to have sex anyway and might anger their god, the god should make humans asexual so we don’t have unnecessary suffering especially for worms, birds and other wildlife caught in the middle of the earthquake.

I know you are all clever people and can come up with better solutions to this earthquake sex problem.


Why is sex among humans such a deal breaker, maker and everything in between? Men have gone to war, if Homer is to be believed, because Paris dared to take Helen of Troy away from King Menelaus which as all of you who read books, know ended in bloodshed. And there are many instances along the way, of men (why mostly men anyway) being brought down for dipping in places they were not meant to be dipping?

Then you have religions having morbid relationship with sex as discussed in Chapman Cohen’s book.


when I have nothing to say

So there is this image I saw on Twitter and I think I can say a few things. The first thing is that every generation almost always lambasts the next generation for infractions real or imagined.

ON clothing, this is what Montaigne had to say (and before you go on about argument from authority, no I am not quoting him as an authority on dressing I could as well have quoted Mark Twain who says clothes maketh the man)

Had we been born with a necessity upon us of wearing petticoats and breeches, there is no doubt but nature would have fortified those parts she intended should be exposed to the fury of the seasons with a thicker skin, as she has done the finger-ends and the soles of the feet.

And maybe some people were born yesterday, but we know that many peoples from different nations went about their business naked. The morbid obsession about nudity is in my view, a problem of the Abrahamic religions.

I have lost several phones over the years and each loss has been different. On one occasion my phone was stolen while i was in traffic and talking to a friend & it had contacts even of my enemies which I had not backed up. I have been unable to talk to these enemies since. I don’t know how or where I lost my virginity but I think people are usually more concerned with the virginity of women. That is what is traded. It is their bodies that are controlled. Not a man’s body.

I must have missed the memo that required people to drink or smoke. But I have always known to fit in certain groups, people have always had to do certain things. So maybe, the problem is not the society but the groups the author of this is in. He or she can be easily cured by changing groups. He could join a church choir for example and have holy sex 🙂

I know nothing wrong with a bathroom. Take photos wherever you feel great, even if it is in a coffin. This life is once only.

If temples are not places of socialization, why eve go there?

“If ignorance of nature gave birth to gods”, said Shelley, “knowledge of nature is made for their destruction.” I think it is this simple thing that explains why worshiping a god, that every reflecting mind acknowledges does not exist, has become difficult.  At the same time, one wonders why a wholly perfect being would want, command or even desire worship?

If it was true that lies have become a reality only in the 21st century, there would be no world wars or slavery because these depended on deception for their execution. Or how do you justify the Inquisition? Was it not based on lies that they, the Inquisitors alone, had the correct way of worship, that is, the possessors of true religion.

While I am no woman, I think no one wants to get HIV/AIDS or get pregnant left right and centre.

It is possible the pizza hut is next to your block and the ambulance or police or fire department is several blocks away. It is sensible the pizza guy will get home quicker, plus you need your pizza hot. But this is not just a 21st century problem. It is a problem of how governments and societies allocate public goods.

As to people becoming toxic, how do we explain the killing of Socrates or the excommunication of Spinoza? Was it not a result of intolerance? But then, I think history is not the friend of this author.

If the question of money and family had not been a problem in the past, it is unlikely the philosophers of the past would have spoken about it. A little browsing through the archives will yield such sayings from the 15th Century monk who said all rich men are thieves.

There is the story of the prodigal son in the bible. It is really a matter of irony that the person who authored this BS quoted the bible at the end but forgot this story. And unless evidence is adduced to the contrary, people have been sex for as long as humanity has known how to fuck.

Caesar, that murderous general played with the minds of his armies and led Rome to a civil war. I don’t know what this person is on about.

I will end here by quoting Mark Twain extensively on human nature. You can disagree with it, but I find it quite hilarious. He wrote

“I regard these Laws as established. By the terms of the Law of Periodical Repetition nothing whatever can happen a single time only; everything happens again, and yet again, and still again — monotonously. Nature has no originality — I mean, no large ability in the matter of inventing new things, new ideas, new stage effects. She has a superb and amazing and infinitely varied equipment of old ones, but she never adds to them. She repeats — repeats — repeats — repeats. Examine your memory and your experience; you will find it is true. When she puts together a man, and is satisfied with him, she is loyal to him, she stands by him through thick and thin forevermore, she repeats him by billions and billions of examples; and physically and mentally the average remains exactly the same, it doesn’t vary a hair between the first batch, the middle batch and the last batch. If you ask, ‘But really — do you think all men are alike

then continues to say

Yes, I answer, and Nature repeats those. There is nothing that she doesn’t repeat. If I may use a figure, she has established the general intellectual level of the race at say, six feet. Take any billion men and stand them in a mass, and their head tops will make a floor — a floor as level as a table. That floor represents the intellectual altitude of the masses — and it never changes. Here and there, miles apart, a head will prefect above it a matter of one intellectual inch, so to speak — men of mark in science, law, war, commerce, etc.; in a spread of five thousand miles you will find three heads that project still an inch higher, men of national fame — and one that is higher than those by two inches, maybe three — a man of (temporarily) world-wide renown; and finally, somewhere around the circumference of the globe, you will find, once in five centuries of waiting, one majestic head which over tops the highest of all the others — an author, a teacher, an artist, a martyr, a conqueror, whose fame towers to the stars, and whose fame will never perish, never fade, while time shall last; some colossus supreme above all the human herd, some unmated and unmatable prodigy like him who, by magic of the forces born in him, turned his shoe-hammer into the scepter of universal dominion.

Now in that view you have the ordinary man of all nations; you have the here-and-there man that is larger-brained and becomes distinguished; you have the still rarer man of still wider and more lasting distinction; and in that final head rising solitary out of the stretch of the ages, you have the limit of Nature’s output. “Will she change this program? Not while time lasts. Will she repeat it forever? Yes. Forever and ever she will do those grades over and over again, always in the same proportions, and always with the regularity of a machine. In each million of people, just so many inch-superiorities; in each billion, just so many two-inch superiorities — and so on; and always that recurrent solitary star once in an age, never oftener, never two of them at a time. “Nature, when pleased with an idea, never tires of applying it. She makes plains; she makes hills; she makes mountains; raises a conspicuous peak at wide intervals; then loftier and rarer ones, continents apart; and finally a supreme one six miles high.

Ignorance in the information age, I think, is intentional.