I was going to let this pass

But I thought against it.

God, it seems, uses earthquakes as a way to tell men and women they are fucking a lot. It does seem it is time geography/ geology books were reviewed to reflect this revelation; instead of movement in the earth crust being the cause of earthquakes, it should read god’s anger and particularly, the god of Jesus.

It is time Christians who live near fault lines or in earthquake prone areas started asking their neighbours whether they are having any illicit sex and to stop forthwith as this seems the only way to deal with their god’s anger. Or better still, given human beings are going to have sex anyway and might anger their god, the god should make humans asexual so we don’t have unnecessary suffering especially for worms, birds and other wildlife caught in the middle of the earthquake.

I know you are all clever people and can come up with better solutions to this earthquake sex problem.

Eliot Friedman

Is making a case for there being a single author of a story spanning genesis all the way to the David’s court history. It does make for interesting reading. I have not finished it yet and I think it will take some time since I may need to look up some verses in my bible as I read along.

In a different story, is it possible the whole town of Sodom and Gomorrah had wind of the visitors who had sought lodging from Lot and all boys and men wanted a piece of the action? Were they all sexually starved? Who did the poster back then? Or the whole town was on telegram and someone sent nudes?

And still on this Sodom business; is it possible that in a town of several hundred, every damn person was involved in debauchery? Is it not more convincing that this is taking liberties with fact?