What Olympic sports do you enjoy watching the most?

But I think I could enjoy most of the women sports. Last Olympics I found myself watching the women weightlifting and I was left there dumbfounded at what weights some of those mamas could lift. Gymnastics could be on the table. The moves. The skill! They are really good. Finally who wouldn’t enjoy tennis. I don’t know about you but if I had to watch a sport that would be one of them.

what’s my favourite sport to watch or play

I think the fellows at wordpress saw I have not been writing lately and thought maybe what i need is a prompt. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see how this is a writing prompt. I could just give a two word response and we would be done with it. But for today, maybe we can get a paragraph out of it.

When I was in campus, I could not miss an opportunity to watch that silly TV drama that is called world wrestling. The funny thing about WWF is that it was a north American affair. Seems like the guys in the New country think about themselves as the world. No wonder the World Series is played in the US of A. But that is story for another day. By the way, which other countries participate in the World Series?

I haven’t found a sport that I could call my favourite to watch or play. In the last football extravaganza, I managed to watch a single game. Premier league I watch by accident. If i should find myself in a club and there is a game going on, then I can watch a game. But I don’t think I would go out of my way to watch it.

I enjoy running. I played hockey in high school. I could play it again. Maybe playing hide and seek with the govt is one I would enjoy playing especially the hiding from the government bit, otherwise I don’t like watching sports on telly or live. Is telly live or should we qualify it is love broadcast? Does that make a difference?

So I am here, 3 paragraphs later and we still don’t have an appropriate answer to the question. What are your favorite sports to watch or play. And we are not including eating or cooking Methodist babies, Jeff. I see you.

we are still here

and I think Tanya Aldred makes a fair argument in this post about transgender in sports. The argument that most of the transgender are not winning in the women category is, in my view, a weak argument. Let them have their own category and the best of them can win in that category. Creating a category shouldn’t be so hard.

But maybe Brian is right. It is the validation they are looking for and this will dampened by creating a category for trans. The debate will have ended much quicker and who wants this anyway? Let’s muddy the waters. Have transwomen compete in women category.

I know this debate will be with us for a long time to come.

Just so stories

As of this writing the Nairobi governor, Sonko, has been impeached and the city will have to go to by election to have a new governor. What I am yet to understand is how a populist with little to no education nor experience in governance could have been elected to lead the most populous city in this nation.

This has been my most active year in sports. I managed 9500km on bike, 500km of runs and another 30km of hikes. I have managed to get a sports related injury, if you leave out the bike crashes.

This year long pandemic should just end.