You can be killed by the state for being an atheist, well not everywhere

Some of you I guess have seen this report that documents treatment of atheists, apostates and blasphemers in several countries around the world. Read it see how you fare.

Kenya, the cradle of mankind, and the current home of yours truly is a not a bad place for freethinkers. It says in the report

A new constitution adopted in 2010 guarantees freedom or thought, conscience and religion, as well as freedom of opinion and expression, and the freedoms of assembly and association. However, some laws
and government policies restrict these rights in practice.

The constitution provides for kadhis courts to adjudicate certain types of civil cases based on Islamic
law, including questions relating to personal status, marriage, divorce, or inheritance in cases in which “all
the parties profess the Muslim religion.” About ten percent of Kenyans are Muslim. The secular High Court has jurisdiction over civil or criminal proceedings, including those in the kadhis courts, and will consider appeals of any khadhis court decision.

Even the second paragraph that deals with kadhis courts I don’t see as really bad for it deals with cases where both persons are Muslims.

Well, I have a problem with


since I don’t think students cover African Traditional Religions and so on. They are limited to Christianity and Islam for those in Christian and Muslim sponsored schools respectively.

That’s all about it folks.