While I was away

More road or tea, I don’t know which
Food safety
I don’t know why I took this picture
I like the yellow
My aunt’s fish pond
A black jack
Bringing you T from Nyamira
I think this was night
The sun looks beautiful as it disappears off the horizon

of arches and ruins

women’s court
where women get the short end of the stick

men’s court
men giving da women the short end of the stick from the beginning of time

that baobab tree is humongous

and a buffalo spider

symbiotic relationship

mangrove forest

green island, somewhere in the Indian ocean

this boardwalk is not for the fainthearted

snake fish. they told me it bites

i think the driver of this lorry decided to drive through the forest

for face to face with god, this is your church

i like this tree wall relationship

i love arches

there were these several water wells

i couldn’t tell what these niches in the mosque were for

the forest is a good place

the walling in the ruins was quite well done.

from Kismayo

with love

Last time when I was in Garowe, Puntland, I was met by a choir. In Kismayo, they didn’t even know I was coming. There was no one waiting for me. There were no dancers. It was like a normal day to them. I was so disappointed. But, I go ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.

I wish it had a different beginning, but they are all the same. Have you woken up, dressed, rushed out of the house arrived at the check in counter three hours before departure and are told, no sir, the aircraft is fully booked, come tomorrow? I had to go through several emotions from shock all the way to disbelief. You see, there was no way I was going back to my house. I had told everyone their byes till we see each other again. I wasn’t going to buy the nonsense of an overbooked flight, no, not that morning. To cut the short story long, I called the agent and told him I must be in a flight to Mogadishu. I went and that’s why I am telling you this story.

There is the interesting story of me running across the terminal at Aden Abdulle Airport, but this is story for another day. Or the man who started snoring before he could finish eating the light breakfast served in the plane or how close we were to being shot.

I know there are some here who have not see the mouth of a river.

Sunset from 18000ft above sea level

i am the last person in this pic

welcome to Kismayo. a beautiful place, once you leave the airport

busy construction site

this looked like a WC but I don’t get the many valves

this cocktail was the life

if you move closer to the screen, you will see boys playing soccer by the beach

busy street

there’s a lot of paintings on buildings

effects of war

when Mak goes fishing

trying to find the boat with the right lake spirit. You don’t just go fishing in any boat!

Mombasa has moved to its new location in Siaya

the river has a navel

it was a calm night

it was a calm moonlit night

if the people can’t go to the beach, the beach can come to them and this happened in Siaya County

I have been busy

enjoying life and that means I will be blogging intermittently in between. I read your blogs.

Here are some photos to keep you awed at our beautiful scenery