Trump 2024

Barring some very great misfortune like jail time or declaration of bankruptcy, herr Trump is basically assured of the republican ticket for president. Nickey H has nothing on him. Ron Desantis has nothing on him and the Bushes too will not do so well against him. No, I am not a Trump fun neither do I have a dog or is it a leg in this fight. What has brought us here today is an article I read where extracts of the speech he gave at the TPAC or is it CPAC were shared.

I don’t know how he would pull some of the proposals off. Such as getting America off foreign wars when it seems to me war is one of the biggest American pastimes. It is probably the largest public investment anywhere in the world. If Trump is elected ans someone had been dreaming up a ww3, forget it. He will not allow it.

He also said if the war in Ukraine goes on till 2024, he will end it in one day. The guns will go silent and everyone will be happy forever after. One would hope, that as a former president, he could use this magic bullet now to bring an end to the meatgrind that this conflict has become. Why wait a full year to end a war you can end in a day?

His best line though was they will take over the party from fools and freaks who had engaged in endless foreign wars. I had to laugh out loud at this. Some of his supporters are, without being mean, freaks. So how this one will be achieved is anyone’s guess.

And he didn’t leave the trans debate alone either.

In local news, the Supreme Court recently ruled that the govt had acted wrongfully by refusing registration to an LGBTQ organisation. But if you listen to the politicians and church leaders, you would think you live in a parallel universe to the one they inhabit.

Don’t lend your support to crooks

In this Stoic meditation Massimo Pigliucci offers caution not to support leaders who drag their offices to the mud. I think he needs a session with out government. I am not sure whether there is any low they can go beyond where they have reached. But I am reminded that incompetent people are never short of surprises. When you think they can’t surprise you further, they outdo their last incompetence with something even worse.

And maybe Carl Sagan was right about politicians.

The words of Castro in History will Absolve me, can be used to refer to the present regime in Kenya. He said, in part

The previous regime was guilty of petty politics, theft, pillage and disrespect for human life; but the present regime increased political skulduggery fivefold, pillage tenfold, and has increased a hundredfold the lack of respect for human life.

The graft is mind boggling. The incompetence is beyond speech. Extrajudicial killings, demolitions and evictions the less said the better. And I am just beginning. And the same fellows are lined up to be in the next regime. How can a whole country be so collectively duped to elect thieves, idiots but I repeat myself.

In the same essay/ defense, he notes, of the Batista regime but which seems to be a mirror copy of the Uhuru/ Ruto regime

His regime brought merely a change of hands and a redistribution of the loot among a new collection of friends, relatives, accomplices and parasitical dregs that constitute the political retinue of a dictator.

Have you a warm day, will you.

Because of the lock down

I have nothing interesting to tell you. In fact, I have nothing at all to tell you. Well, I think by closing schools too early when the country just had one case, the president erred and now millions of students countrywide are doing nothing with themselves but eating. Online classes is not possible for the majority. They just do not have the equipment to make it possible.

Our parliament is just a house for busy bodies. Our MPs are clueless. These two are not news. This pandemic has just made it more clear.

But the Americans for the first time in history have a president who knows everything. No wonder he is making America great again!

I hate this staying at home business! My couch will need new cushions because of the beating they have received in the last many days.

Happy Sunday everyone. Keep well. Eat well. And exercise a bit, if you can. And if you can help it, drink some.