On Musk and twitter

Over the last few days, since Elon Musk first bought majority shares and then offered to buy twitter, there has been quite a storm on the Web on the issue. Among the issues raised is what it means to free speech, and then of course, it is seen as one of the ills of capitalism.

On the second issue, we can all agree that extreme economic disparities that exist today in our societies is inimical to democracy. A society where so few are so rich or so many so poor cannot be democratic. Stopping Musk from buying twitter doesn’t help with the issue of distribution of wealth.

The matter gets more interesting on the issue ot free speech. There are voices that say one man should not have the control of such a platform and so forth. That this would lead to restrictions on free speech. From what Musk has proposed such as transparency in algorithms among others, I don’t see how this is going to be a problem. That he will give free reign to right wingers is to me not a big problem. One can always curate what they don’t want to hear.

Still on the matter of an individual owning such a platform, most mainstream media is owned and controlled by a very small number of individuals or corporations that have made it possible for them to manufacture consent. So really, as long as twitter allows anyone with a cellphone to post their bytes, does it matter who owns it?

But maybe I am missing something critical on this matter given I am not a twitter user.

To tweet or not

For the last 10 years I have had a twitter account where my posts from here are posted automatically and where I have always gotten my news.

I have made good friends on twitter. I have learnt a lot. I have annoyed so many people too. Last month I deactivated that account and now it is permanently deleted. It has been peaceful away from twitter.

It was my only bad online addiction. I recall 7 years ago I did the same with nosey-book, as Carmen calls Facebook and I haven’t gone back.

The dilemma, a small one, I find myself in is whether to create a new account so I can annoy a new set of people or to just stay off and enjoy the quiet of ignorance.

Easy Friday

It is Friday, there is nothing interesting to tell you guys but we can have a good laugh.

Some of you don’t tweet/ twit. Arch says he is unable to express himself in 140 characters, we understand. Old birds are allowed such liberties.

Tweets can be interesting.

Check this out.