we interrupt our normal broadcast

to bring this important pastoral message from a pastor Curt Landry on the ongoing stalemate following the yet to be concluded US election. The good parson had this to say

Son of man, do you think that I am going to allow my prophets who prophesied Trump’s second term and prophesied all this goodness coming to this nation to be mocked by a mass media manipulation?” Landry asked rhetorically, speaking on behalf of God. “The Lord says, ‘No, I shall not. For my namesake, I shall protect my word, I shall protect my people, I shall protect my prophets from this evil destruction. For I shall pull back the veil and I shall reveal that which is done in darkness. For they who shift the votes and move the boxes around, those who raised the dead and the dead vote, I will expose them says the Lord. For they may be tricky men, but they shall not trick me,’ says the Lord.”

Friendly Atheist

I think it is time you Biden supporters started praying since it seems prayers reaching the heavens have only been from the Trump side.

for my American friends

Paula White has heard sound of victory anda saka baba ishi shakataa and angels have been dispatched from Africa and South Africa. I don’t know what flight they are in. Could be raka anda kaka shaka.


I have other questions too. What about the wall? Will angels from shithole countries be welcome? What if the angels are Muslim are they also welcome?

It’s Drumpf

Or you will have gay children

“If Christians don’t support Trump, they are risking the wrath of God,” said Copeland in an appearance on Trinity Broadcasting Network. “Trump has been chosen by God, and by rejecting him, they are rejecting God. They could be punished with barrenness, poverty or even having a gay child.”

Says Keneth Copeland

I hope this is satire. If it is not, what happened to Cruz who had been also called by deity? Is it that deity could not decide who to choose?