science based weight loss program

where the scientist is me, the test subject is me and the peer reviewers are me, myself and I. What I am trying to say here is that I don’t want to do any braining today.

I finished reading Jeff Galloway’s nutrition for runners and I shocked myself. I have always said I am not reading any self help book but this felt like one of those. The advice given is quite helpful to runners and non runners alike. If there is anything I took from that book that I think makes a lot of sense, is to separate your weight loss plans from your fitness/ exercise plans.

If you are a woman, don’t feel bad or give up if the fat loss is slow, evolution it seems intended that you become efficient in fat storage and energy use. All you need to do is maintain a healthy diet. And moderate exercise for good health. Research shows that women generally lose fat 2x slower than the man next door for the same amount of exercise.

So back to the science, exercise should be fun. If after a run you are feeling sad and angry, you are running hard or wrong. And so that me and Jeanne are still good friends, consult your doctor before you begin any exercise regime that goes beyond walking a few steps a day.

My evidence based weight loss program

Now before I share my very secret ingredient for weight loss free of charge I have noticed that many fat people ( or to be PC- body positive) behave like most governments when faced with urban transport problems. The governments keep widening roads in the hope that this will make the problem away. Fat people just add another hole to the belt or buy bigger clothes.

I have been fat. And what I don’t like whenever I am so fat is how I struggle to do simple things like walking, running or just sitting down for long. These regular things become work. And the worst is trying to ride uphill. I begin to ask myself if I made the right life choices.

Now, i have seen people adopt strange diets to lose weight. Once I saw some people resort to spinach juice ( smoothie), no eating after a certain hour and many other silly things. I call them silly because while they might work for a month, they are not sustainable. Secret #1: don’t adopt a diet that you can’t sustain. It is stupid thing to do.

Others adopt an exercise regime that is so great from an observer point of view but do it for a week only. Secret #2: adopt a regime that fits within your schedule or that doesn’t need you to adjust your schedule drastically or you will not do it.

Good and bad foods. Now my friends, for me, there is only food I like and that I don’t like. Secret #3: it is the portions and quality of that food that matters most and not the food itself.

I would have continued with this list but I can see food on the table and I would want it to be cold before I eat it.

Have a good weekend friends.

weighty matters

So yesterday I was watching explained on Netflix and they had this segment on why diets fail but we still keep doing it. In summary, the basic argument is that diets are frauds, generally. Or pseudo scientific, to use a more science-y term,

And for those who are lazy like yours truly, there is an article on why shouldn’t exercise to lose weight. I have tried it and I know it doesn’t work. Even when I was most active, I think I lost like one or utmost 2kgs and in case you are wondering, I reduced calorie in take. This is not to say you shouldn’t exercise, it has other benefits like maintaining weight once lost, etc.

If you are here trying to lose weight by hitting the gym and not doing anything to what you eat, you are wasting your money in gym subscription.

This Time Magazine article makes for a good read too.

Maybe nature wants us fat and we are busy fighting it, as we always do, always trying to subdue nature.

Have a weighty Monday, everyone