Dear white people

Here, is me keeping the promise I made to get to you.

Many of you are well meaning and donate money for aid agencies in Africa but do you ever ask about the trade wars that your nations fight against Africa and other least developed countries?

Do you question, for example, the dalliance your governments have with despots as long as business of extraction is good? The masses can starve as long as multinationals make money.

Many of your countries talk about liberalisation of markets and free market while, for example, the USA built its economy through protectionist policies and subsidies that continue to date.

I keep reading comments by people who say by colonizing Africa, Europe brought civilization to Africa. What civilization if I may? 

Britain built its economy on the back of her colonies from Africa and India .

We, the youth of the present generation should be better informed and work towards a better world by fighting imperialism in all its expressions. Fight racism. Fight the military complexes. Fight overt surveillance in the name of security and fight against terror. Let’s work towards a peaceful future for all of us where each nation or nation state depending on how you see it have a right to self determination. People have agency and they know what is best for them.