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Am an architect, I love classical music, movies, books, I sometimes spend my time in the park listening to birds sing, when I can I like to watch the sun go down, I love my beer cold and am an atheist a naturalist.

We are on a journey together to where i know not freeing the world from religious bigotry and nonsense BS.

This is where I will record my thoughts as they occur to me when am awake.

These thoughts will cover religion, book reviews, photography[am receiving donations for buying a good camera ], politics, architecture, music, movies and what else I don’t know.

Lets go for a ride then and make our own paths. Let us free men all men by ensuring the last priest, imam, rabbi or religious minister is without employment.

The host welcomes all comments and ideas and asks that we be civil even when we disagree.


92 thoughts on “About

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    Hello my dear friend from Nairobi,

    Could you email me your home address please—if you don’t mind? I like to mail to you a print copy of my new novel Song of the Ankle Rings. It will ship direct from either Amazon USA. or UK

    You’ve been very supportive and offered great encouragement with your comments on my blog posts regarding this novel. Please allow me to do this.

    You can see my yahoo email address linked to my comment.

    Thank you,


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