You must know Commander Hadfield…..

If you are a space enthusiast, but if on the other hand, you are ignorant of who he is, then, he is the immediate former commander of the International Space Station, a place I would surely do a lot to visit just so as to view the earth from that vantage even if just for a fleeting few minutes. If you are wondering whether we have just become space enthusiasts, wonder no more, we are bringing you a story from the huffingtonpost where the commander tells us he had his views of faith and spirituality changed ‘absolutely’ by being in space. He is nonetheless quite vague on what this faith is.

We read,

The world, when you look at it, it just can’t be random,” he said. “I mean, it’s so different than the vast emptiness that is everything else and even all the other planets we’ve seen, at least in our solar system, none of them even remotely resemble the precious life-giving nature of our own planet.

How this is related to spirituality we read

I think what everyone would find if they could be [up in space] — if they could see the whole world every 90 minutes and look down on the places where we do things right, and look down where we’re doing stupid, brutal things to each other and the inevitable patience of the world that houses us — I think everybody would be reinforced in their faith, and maybe readdress the real true tenets of what’s good and what gives them strength.

And it is here that we ask, would viewing the earth  from that vantage reinforce our belief in ghosts, phantoms, devils or the minuteness of our planet in the bigger picture? The commander doesn’t tell us anything and since  he is not forthcoming in his belief, we leave that to you to make your guesses!

I want to highlight a few comments from the post, the rest you can read for yourself if you have time. At least, for the moment, it seams that all is not lost,  with the religious appearing to be outnumbered, but they still surface and so far I have seen just this

The world cannot save you. This present world has been preserved for ultimate destruction. God already stated that He will create a New Heaven and a New Earth, both where only righteousness will dwell. He may have been affected, yet his understanding came up too short of complete knowledge. Tsk.


Why beware of idols, commanded not to grave images, statues. Gives us a false character image of all that He is and is not reality. But false illusions, images theses, graved images, idol statues, that work to take our eyes and focus off of Him and His creation. The in explainable greatest, His beauty and awe and wonder of all He created. The reality of all Life that exist, lives around us/. Like our Heavenly Father His –Spoken Word told us, ” Seek what is above, for all that is below — is only an illusion”. Why also our Heavenly Father said ” Silence before Me” All this noise, empty chatter, confusion, chaos, created by others, allows Him not to speak or be heard. In silence He whispers, yet He is heard loud and clear when we gaze like this man did in outer space, where all is silent to distract him not, did just that. Taken within himself to a far higher level of Spiritualism that dwells within him and what he knew knew or felt before.

and now the other comments that at least show some hope

The scale of immensity of space and precious and rareness of our little earth would certainly have an emotional effect on me looking down. But trying to attribute it to some higher power or spirit is pure emotions, and unfounded. Believing it is harmless enough, but it really DISCOUNTS the math, chemistry and time that are really at play. Nature is amazing enough without invoking the supernatural.


So he found big Mo in space?


Did he convert to Islam or something?

Isn’t this just awesome?

Why do you hate god?

I don’t whether to classify these two questions as genuine or silly!

Enquiries on Atheism

Are you capable of accepting god into your heart?

Assuming that the person who has asked these questions mean them to be serious questions, I am going to proffer an answer that I hope will settle the matter, at least on a personal level.

The question why do I hate god, assumes first and foremost that there is a god and two that I must hate this entity. I know there are no gods, except those that exist in people’s minds. If it is these creations am asked to comment on, then I sure hate what men and the their theologians have told us about their god, who wouldn’t?

The theologian tells us his god created man in his own image and shortly afterwords cursed him and his lands for eating the fruit of knowledge of good and bad. In a sense, this creator of man created blockheads and intended…

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