Sankara vs. Villa Rosa- Kempinski

First am not doing advertisement. I haven’t been paid to do so. And before you think how is this related to atheism, it isn’t not even by a long shot!

For those wondering still, these two are some high end hotels in Nairobi located not so far from each other.

Yours truly has visited the two for a cup of coffee after hours to see what they have to offer and this is my assessment.

Service: Sankara beats Villa Rosa by a mile

Pricing: Both are exorbitant, a plain rip off!

Ambiance: Sankara is the place to go

Villa Rosa appeared to me to be crowded, the flow of spaces was not well worked out while it occupies a bigger plinth area than Sankara.

Sorry, I didn’t take photos. If you are in Nairobi and must spend your money in an expensive restaurant, take your money to Sankara.