Why men want to rape?

This is a discussion going on here that I know being an emotive issue should result in some deep thought.

I suggest one reads why men want to rape and if you have time to read The Myth of Monogamy: Fidelity and Infidelity in Animals and People

I am interested in your views.


Dear God – MPoWriMo

Here is a letter addressed to god or the other. It is sincere as it is also passionate.

Diary of a Person Being Human

Auronzo di Cadore, Italy: Original image copyright Maria Phillips 2013-2014

Dear God; dear Universe; dear Paradoxical Exigence of the Mind,

I awake to the quarantine of the rain, spraying me like an infected bloom; my inner voice trying to cleanse me of the consternation that has clouded my internal skies for some time now; sparking storms and raging waves that crash against your distant shores. I awake with eyes wide open, with sudden appreciation for the shape of my fear; the well-trodden hopes of an effigy clothed in resonant but disdainful robes, walking in shoes it has no business to wear with such pride, and such apparent grace.

I breathe in the moistness of your negative space, the space without me, as you reside within me, and I realise that I am the one that takes all the risks, and I’ll say this as simply as I can, because you don’t have to. I was unable to see this before…

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