173 thoughts on “A simple question or open thread

  1. Nyambura says:

    Good question…


  2. niquesdawson says:

    In what context do you ask your question. For I know there are two varying definition of both……one a noun and the other an adjective.

    Where they are both Nouns……they they complement each other in abundance.

    Where they are both adjectives ….then , well…..we are more conscious than unconscious. ….not so, or unless you are comatose ……

    More clarity ……..?



  3. Ignostic Dave says:

    Been spending too much time wondering how conscious Deepak Chopra is?


  4. I’ve no idea. Haven’t really been fully conscious since, oh, 1987, I believe. Mushrooms will do that to you. Wait? Is this question part of the conscious or unconscious mind? Am I really reading it, or do I just think I am? Are you real, or are you just a bug in my computer asking questions within my subconscious? Can we be conscious if we lack a subconscious mind? Where are these things located? In our brains or our legs? How do we know this? Is our conscious mind just a projection of our unconscious mind and thus we’re always unconscious and only dreaming we’re not? Is it as warm in the forest as it is in the summer?


  5. john zande says:

    Can the subconscious be creative? If so, then it’s clearly the more abundant.


  6. I would think that the answer rests in the definition of each of them. Lot of folk asleep at the wheel. Nonetheless, good question!


    • makagutu says:

      Definitions definitions, that is where some questions die. I will look for a useful definition that can be agreed to for the purposes of this discussion


    • You’ve made my point. There are too many dictionaries. Too many words. Too many definitions. And “we” all get lost in translation with our multiple opinions inside our own heads, using definitions made up of beliefs, sometimes using the dictionary to back us up and then who’s communicating with whom? Your question was thought provoking and honestly I could debate it from both sides depending on the position I took in any given moment. Once again, nice chatting with you and I hope you have a good weekend. 馃檪


  7. Unconsciousness since it is always there. Yet consciousness is not always present. 馃檪


  8. The philosophical answer to your question is: yes.

    The practical answer to your question is: I have no clue. I’m not a brain scientist, so I’m not going to make up an answer.

    The religious answer to your question is: ZEUS LOVES YOU.


  9. Here’s a video of Sam Harris talking about my favorite subject, Free Will. When you’ve time, watch it. He talks about the conscious and unconscious, or unaware, mind, and what we are and aren’t aware of from moment to moment as we go about the day making what we think are conscious decisions. It isn’t directly related to your question, but it is part of what he’s talking about. I find him fascinating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=645&v=k3sLbx7PrrQ


  10. A Guy Without Boxers says:

    Good one, my Nairobi brother. Given the recent behaviors by many of those haters in this country, I believe the “unconscious” to be the ones who are most abundant. Much love and many naked hugs! Have a fun and safe weekend! 馃檪


  11. fojap says:

    I go with the unconscious being by far more abundant. Even forgetting involuntary things like breathing and keeping our heart beating, we’d never make it to breakfast if we had to think about everything we’re doing. Just standing upright involves all sorts of signals, the tactile information from our feet, the sense of balance from our inner ear, our sight tells us if we’re upright. We’re not consciously aware of any of that, and all we’ve consciously done at that point is to think, “Damn, it’s time to get up.”

    Now, why is that last hour of sleep the most satisfying? I hate going to bed and I hate getting up. If I could only enjoy sleeping as much at the beginning as I do at the end.


    • makagutu says:

      You are right about unconscious. Plus think about the things around you that are unconscious and the answer becomes too obvious.
      I wish I could answer that about sleep


  12. shelldigger says:

    I find that between concious and unconcious lies a state where my head is abuzz with all sorts of things from the day, then I reach unconcious. 馃檪

    I think Michelle nailed it with “the unconcious always being there.”


  13. I shall come back to this post when I have more time and read all the interesting comments, so forgive me if I repeat a theory already proposed. Briefly – I think the subconscious is more prevalent, and the core of most creativity too. We just can’t measure it very accurately. A million seeds for our actions are likely to be born when dreaming. They mature in the soil of consciousness. The answer to the question cannot be entirely accurate either way…unless you are sonmi. Who is clearly right and knows all.


    – sonmi looking all-knowing upon the Cloud


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