why are theists so foolish

I don’t like pastors. I really don’t like them. I think I agree with Diderot’s sentiments that men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.

In this post, the author has chosen to show that atheists are foolish. He writes

In other words, if one cannot accommodate certain propositions to be scrutinized by means of the scientific method, then said propositions must not be de facto, true.

which isn’t true. That would only make something unscientific not necessarily untrue. And there is no demand that the observations be under a microscope.

It is a misrepresentation of facts to write

Since the scientific method is allegedly the only venue through which one can prove things to be true, then the feelings of a cow for her calf must not exist. In fact, one could say that based on the scientific method, one’s feelings and intellectual musings do not exist either.

He also contradicts himself. The only we have come to know that a cow has feelings, whatever their representation, for its calf is by observation. Without observation over time, we wouldn’t come to that conclusion. In fact, it is only with observation that we can arrive at the conclusion the author of such trope is foolish.

It is an oxymoron, for deficiency in vocabulary, to say

Religion is also a scientific method. In fact…one could say that religion is the most ancient scientific method of human history…and as such, it should at least be respected

If anything, religion, properly defined, is the antithesis of method, scientific or otherwise.

This claim here

Like the scientific theories that inspire atheists to believe that there is no Creator, religions also evolve (and at times even supplanted by other religions) when new data (or new experiences) are observed. Like in the case of scientists, religionists hold on to their theories until other theories seem more plausible… A true religionist (as a true scientist) will keep an open mind and adjust his or her theories in accordance to experimentation and verifiable data.

is not only ridiculous but untrue. People didn’t change their religions because there was more data. A Katlick becoming a Muslim isn’t doing so because suddenly there is more data, they are changing from one delusion to the next. Data is the least of their concerns.

I contend there are no experiences that are religious. All our experiences are similar, profound joy, deep regret/ sorrow and whatever in between are human emotions. It is interpretation that makes some religious.

I don’t see how thinks this response

Thank you for sharing. Certainly there must be no God for you. You are an insignificant point of demarcation between eons of dark unconsciousness. In fact, from that perspective one could say you do not exist either. And yet, lo and behold, I am communicating with you even though you are nothing in comparison to the eons of space and time. In fact, since you are nothing, it is a total waste of time for you to argue against something that in your opinion does not exist…since in the grand scheme of things- you are absolutely nothing. You never mattered…you never will matter… So enjoy the little consciousness that you have accidentally been given- an illusory pseudo-consciousness since in the grand scheme of the universe, you still remain to be….NOTHING

to one who said they have no reason for devotion is profound. There is no relationship between my existence and that of a god. And logically there is no law of logic that is violated in saying there is no god. And why does someone have to matter in the grand scheme of things to be important?  As a pastor, one would expect he would attempt to show the interlocutor why they should pray instead of demeaning them. Maybe I am wrong and pastors are not taught to be ambassadors of their cults.

This statement

Atheists are fools because they discount as rubbish the existential experiences and scientific data that led millions (perhaps billions) of people before them to believe in the necessity of a Creator.

is not only blatantly false but a misrepresentation of a demographic that have rejected the received notions of god. Majority, if not all, who have believed in a god have done so because they were indoctrinated into believing there is one and have then interpreted events in their life as religious.

Finally, it is a case of irredeemable stupidity to claim that atheists are foolish because the bible says there is a god and they reject it. As others before me have opined, it would be unforgivable to deny superman since he appears in comic books.