Maybe Methuselah

Lived to be 900 years old.

A new study says  There’s No Limit To The Human Life Span

Evidence for Human Lifespan Limit Contested 

Evidence for a limit to human life span [pdf, behind a paywall]

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24 thoughts on “Maybe Methuselah

  1. I don’t know…..I think everything gets tired & worn down, & repair can’t go on indefinitely.
    The age factor depends on many things, along with genetics, but am far out of my depth here.

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  2. Mordanicus says:

    Eternal life would be the ultimate punishment.

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  3. tildeb says:

    The title is misleading in that of course there is a limit called ‘death’ but that the limit according to a very small data set seems to be increasing. This is obvious in that the average age of death is increasing – increasing what we call longevity – so it make statistical sense that those dying at the extreme upper edge of the outliers might also be getting older before inevitable death occurs. But the limit called ‘age-related death’ most definitely occurs and most of us I suspect will find it quite effectively limits the advancement in years.


  4. persedeplume says:

    Live longer without intervention? The historical data says otherwise. I wouldn’t say that living to 150 is impossible but it’s statistically unlikely *with* the current level of medical care and the ability to control the environment in beneficial ways. We might have a shot at it with advances in transhumanist technology in the future. In fact, if we can’t solve FTL the solution might well be bio-physical augmentation to extend life span.
    I would further say that things that are possible happen. We don’t have any 900 yr olds running amok in the streets. I doubt we ever did.


    • makagutu says:

      I don’t think we ever did have 200yr olds anywhere.
      Hopefully we can all live to be 100 but only if we reduce pollution and improve our diets


  5. Arkenaten says:

    Terry Pratchett, bless his cotton socks, did a wonderful take on the aging process in one of his novels, Reaper Man. Ostensibly the character, Death is forced to retire and until a replacement can be found people stop dying. They die in the tradition sense, but their life force does not move on, so they are ostensibly zombies.
    One of the characters, Windle Poons dies then when his life force can’t get to the ”other side” he moves back into his body, where he develops a whole new lease on life.
    But the point in relation to your post, is that Windle realizes he has spent over half his life being old!
    And it seems that unless we can somehow rejuvenate the body or at least keep it in a youthful state of repair we will remain ”old” far longer than we were young.
    Not such a great thought to be honest!

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  6. evanyambu says:

    the more i think about how many years these people lived the more i question, doubt and get mixed in the confusion as well


  7. The Black Trans Nudist says:

    Reblogged this on The Black Trans Nudist and commented:
    This is Rather Interesting


  8. renudepride says:

    I’m not so sure longevity is such a good thing. One Donald Duck (aka tRump) per lifetime is too much for me! Naked hugs, my friend!


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