Why can’t we see god?

This author argues it is because she wants us to choose to love her and to protect our freewill. This argument doesn’t hold unless the proponent can show that in the many narratives involving god showing up for bbq, that the people she interacted with had no freewill. If Adam and Eve had god immediately in their presence and still had room to eat the fruit, which among other things, god needed not have told them about its existence, then the argument about fear is moot. It doesn’t hold any water.

Christians, some of them, insist Jesus is God. If this is true, then what do we say about the disciples? Was it their fear of hell that kept them with Jesus? Didn’t god know this? The same Christians, who believe in trinity, tells us the spirit is god and it is with us. How is this then squared with the claim god doesn’t show herself because if that happened we wouldn’t love her?

I say we can’t see god the same way we can’t see Santa. God(s) so far as I can tell have no existence out of the human mind. This, to me, is the most likely answer. What gods are is unknown to us. What they look like is unknown to us. Besides, we have apologists tell us god is spirit, is without form and all that makes it way impossible for us to see such a being given we lack the necessary apparatus to see spirits.

It is absurd to suggest that a being desirous of having a relationship with you would seek to do this by hiding. What relationship is that even? A delusion?

For those interested in further reading, In defense of William Rowe’s Evidential argument from evil by Nick Trakakis, makes for good reading on the different arguments that apologists have advanced to defend divine hiddenness.

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16 thoughts on “Why can’t we see god?

  1. God is a social product, derived from man’s tendencies to philosophize; man does seek answers about the end of all things, and when these answers do no suffice, man’s instincts demand something that can fulfil the illusion of immortality, may it be called god, a mythical entity or mickey mouse.


  2. We can’t see god cause it doesn’t exist. Same reason we can’t see mermaids mating with bigfoots every morning at dawn on the eastern seafront: they ain’t there, and it ain’t happenin’!

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  3. You can let people make their own decisions but still let them know you exist. In fact, making yourself known, so that the person making the decision has all the information, is much preferred over making them guess about a lot of the possibilities. I’d say god is a dickhead for being an absent parent, but he’s fake.

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  4. Nan says:

    I concur with your reasoning.


  5. renudepride says:

    If we were able to envision the supposed deity, then just imagine the endless lists of criticisms. No one, not even supernatural, pleases everyone! 🙂 Naked hugs!


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