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I am presently reading the song of the ankle rings by Eric who sometimes comments here and because it is an interesting book, I will be posting intermittently.

This post is for you to just say whatever you have been meaning to tell me. Like say where you think I have been unreasonable & you felt maybe I would take offence 😁.

Or you can just chat about whatever. I promise to join in.

Fire away, friends.


I don’t have writers’ block nor have I stopped blogging. And I don’t want to say I have been busy, because I am not that too busy to write something.

Richard Carrier has given us five bogus reasons to believe in the bible

This is for the parents who visit this spot and are not sure if they should raise their children religious

And if your plane is corroded for having been parked for a while, this charlatan pastor can pray for it and heal it

And finally, why it is worth listening to those you disagree with. Ark and John Zande, continue engaging CS and B(whatever his name is)

Have a good week everyone, those who are struggling through misfortune or some difficulty.

Just so stories

In this part of the globe, Victor Frankenstein is showing at the movies. I have a particular aversion to watching movies on books I have read or intend to read. 90% of the time I have been terribly disappointed by the scripting and other times scripting and performance.
So you can imagine how much I felt after sitting for almost 120 minutes watching this movie. The only thing it had in common with her book is the name. Victor is a happy fellow all the way. I think it is a movie that should be watched only by those who don’t know the book.
Horror of horrors. I was at this coffee place in the morning with two friends just after a site handover. So these three dudes, dressed to the nines and looking like they have some grey matter are having a conversation loudly. One of them says Obama is the reason terrorists are having a joyride in the world or something close. The same dude then says Trump is what the States need. I looked at him in disbelief. I think everywhere people just want to elect monkeys and then spend their while complaining how bad the president is.
End of story.

this post needs a title


You have in this post, a fellow who starts by saying bravely

If you’ve “studied all religions” and can’t see any difference between them, you haven’t actually studied religions.

And immediately begins an apologia for Christianity!

The author tells us

The Christian gospel is the Bible’s clear and inescapable message that God became man in Jesus Christ, and died to take the punishment for sins that each of us deserve.

which when translated in normal speak should read; the bible is the clear record of a suicidal and malicious god who died to save us from his malice for making us they we are.

And yes, we agree

This “substitutionary atonement” (Jesus paying the price for sin in our place) is the distinctive element of the gospel that sets it apart.

but for the reasons you think but because it is so absurd to be believable that one would entertain the thought that it is a just thing to kill a good person as a substitute for the mistakes of another person.

And I disagree

Religions are not all the same, and any believer who has genuinely studied their own religion will know this.

Religions are all the same but it is the expression of the beliefs that differ.

And the person who believes

And in raising Him from the dead, God showed that Jesus is the one He had chosen to be the saviour of the world, rather than Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, or any other religious leader.

must believe in a god that depends on human or animal sacrifice to achieve it ends. This must, in my view be a very limited god.

And in other news

When will the guns go silent in Syria, Burundi, Lebanon, Nigeria, Palestine/ Israel, Central African Republic, Iraq, France and elsewhere men and women are fighting? What will it take to attain world peace? And is it an achievable prospect or should we be more realistic and accept that it will forever be a dream and nothing more?

And finally for those who are having a bad day

Those who might be wondering whether we have electricity in this part of the world, we do

Those who might be wondering whether we have electricity in this part of the world, we do

out cycling with friends

out cycling with friends

bikers paradise: tea farms, fresh air, cool breeze and little traffic

bikers paradise: tea farms, fresh air, cool breeze and little traffic