Questions for atheists

A poet has the following questions

How do you do it?

I read a book, watch a movie or share with friends

Music doesn’t have to be about gods to be enjoyed. I enjoy music. I like Handel’s Hallelujah chorus.

Where do you turn to?

When things are thick I turn to friends or I sleep and dream them away

What do you hang on to?

I remind myself hope is a bad thing. It keeps going even when things are shitty. But seriously, friends and family are a great companion when things are shitty. Try it someday

What gives you joy?

Time spent with family, friends, in the park, reading a good book gives me immeasurable joy. I wouldn’t ask for more than that.

How do you know it?

Reason is the true guide of man. Use it, you will not require holy books or revelation.

What do you do?

I live, that is all I can do till when I kick the bucket. Why ask is it worth it? To who? It is worthwhile to me or else I wouldn’t do it. And to ask me to be stupid and happy is an insult to our collective intelligence and a disservice to humanity. We make progress by inquiry not by believing old stories.

I hope I have answered you.