the god excuse and other stories

Some sheeple having read Dawkins’ God Delusion felt obliged to write him a letter to express what he thought he, Dawkins, did not get right.

This sheep is for once quite charitable. He is not wishing Dawkins a painful death and other niceties the godcultists are known to promise all heretics and blasphemers.

The sheep, for lack of space of time addresses three areas of disagreement with the book.

  1. Dawkins is wrong about faith. He says faith is belief with evidence. Why call it faith then?
  2. Evolution. I don’t understand evolution, so you are wrong.
  3. Divine command theory. Here there are several arguments

a. read the bybowl in context

b. foreign language for example in biblical times kill all the children didn’t mean kill. It meant slaughter, you get what I mean?

c. god’s hand was forced. After giving his creation 1000 yrs to change, he became impatient and felt killing was the way to go.

I don’t know how a rational person can believe this.

On the other stories, IB, writing about the rational atheist almost shocks me that for once she has seen the light only to finish her post thus

So, I am a firm advocate of the non reasonable, the illogical, the emotional, the Spirit led.

and this is just after she wrote, bold face by us, ignore that she talks to god and he answers such trivial issues as what to do with a book,

Then God quietly asked, why are you allowing someone who calls himself the Voice of God and a Supreme Dark Lord  define what is rational? And in that moment I realized that atheism really is quite rational, logical, and reason based. It is actually Vox Day who is emotionally driven, irrational, his broken bits cloaked behind a mask of intellectualism, moral superiority, and reason. Trapped in a deception he cannot even see. Irrational, emotional, rhetorical.

And friends, had she stopped there, I would have toasted to her.