did Jesus really have to die?

Pretending for a moment that he lived, yes, all organic things die. To believe otherwise is to be either ignorant or ignorant.

When a christcultist writes that Jesus died so we could receive forgiveness is, to me, for lack of a better word thinking with the ass.

Anyone who thinks an animal or a person had to die to pay for their infractions has lost the use of their reason.

The question the godcultist must give an answer for is, why would an omniscient god, knowing full well the outcome of creating humans, go ahead and create them? It must have known it will have to die at some stage and that we would still go on a killing, so why do it?

Whoever Mac is, there is nothing wrong with recovering from a delusion. In fact, it is to be encouraged. So Mac, whether he Mitch’s fiction or a real guy, bravo to you for waking from the delusion.