Voltaire on Absolution

Hello good friends.

In Joseph Lewis book, Voltaire, he has a few quotes from the works of the man. On absolution, we learn the church had the following price list

  1. absolution for one who has carnally known his mother, his sister cost five drachmas
  2. absolution for one who has deflowered a virgin 6 drachmas
  3. for one who has revealed another’s confession 7 drachmas
  4. for one who has killed his father, mother 5 drachmas.

And in another area where I have constantly asked the same questions, that of prohibitions

Voltaire asks

were the Jewish ladies intimate with goats? You assert that your mothers had no commerce with he-goats nor your fathers with she-goats. But pray, gentlemen, why are you the only people upon this earth whose laws have forbidden such commerce? Would any legislator ever have thought of promulgating this extraordinary law if the offence had not been common?

Voltaire’s biggest undoing was to suppress the work of Jean Messlier. To make our atheist a deist.

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24 thoughts on “Voltaire on Absolution

  1. Hariod Brawn says:

    “ladies intimate with goats” – this sounds rather like the West of England where I live, though I do believe it may be legal for consenting parties.

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  2. john zande says:

    Good to see you back. Was going to send you an email this morning to make sure you were alive 🙂

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  3. “absolution for one who has carnally known his mother, his sister cost five drachmas” What an outrage! This should cost 8 drachmas and not a drachma less!

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  4. >>> “2. absolution for one who has deflowered a virgin 6 drachmas”

    I believe inflation has seriously impacted this price in recent years, at least in some parts of the world.

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  5. Actually Wales and New Zealand are the countries to worry about for sheepshagging. Or used to be. Maybe they have reformed. The sheep I mean, or do I mean the men? Too complicated.

    The price of prostitution/rape of animals and women doesn’t bear thinking about because no one wants to.


  6. […] the original idea in the first creation stories where Adam was created alone. Or maybe he was to be intimate with goats and lions because shortly later, we find warnings to not sleep with […]


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