La Mattrie

In Man_ Machine writes, among other things,

Let’s not get bogged down in ·attempts to think about infinity; we aren’t built to have the slightest idea of it; and we’re absolutely incapable of tracing things back to their origin. And it makes no difference to our peace of mind whether matter is eternal or was created, whether there is or isn’t a God. It is stupid to torture ourselves about things that we can’t know and that wouldn’t make us any happier if we did manage to know them.

And elsewhere

I am told to read the works of the defenders of Christianity; but what will they teach me? Or rather, what have they taught me? There’s nothing to them but boring repetitions by zealous writers who add to each other only verbiage that is more apt to strengthen than undermine the foundations of atheism. The arguments that people base on the spectacle of nature aren’t made any stronger by their sheer quantity:

And continues to write

•destroying chance isn’t •proving the existence of a supreme Being, for there may be something that is neither chance nor God—namely, nature, the study of which can only produce unbelievers, as is shown by the way of thinking of all its most successful observers.’

If you haven’t read the book and you have some time in your hands, you should.