Atheism is a mental illness

If this idiot could be believed.

In arguing for his case, he ignores the terror activities in the last decade or so that have religion either at their core or among the contributing factors.

He also, like in this example,

The three men, who popularized atheism in the 19th Century, had almost the same experiences early in their lives, and there is a common psychological pattern evident in their later rebellion. Thomas Henry Huxley, Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche all had psychological struggles in their early in their lives. 

engage in personal attacks instead of dealing with the content of the said authors.

And in a case of projection, he writes

Rationalization is an atheist’s favorite psychological defense mechanism. They rely on false reasoning that sounds logical to negate the reality of God

And one wonders whether they know any atheists.

To end this post, I will comment on this last one

There is enough proof that atheism is a personality disorder. Atheists have among the highest suicide rates in the world. 

What is wrong with suicide? If one finds their lives not worth continuing, they have a right to end it.