Wind power in Kenya

If you have your ears close to the screen, you can hear the sound of the blades as they rotate. 


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49 thoughts on “Wind power in Kenya

  1. Carmen says:

    We went to visit a ‘wind farm’ (as it’s referred to around here) in our area. It was the eeriest sound I’ve ever heard. We were right at the base of one of the towers, and it was foggy that day, which might have contributed to the effect. I have read that there are people who think the sight of them ‘disturbs’ the landscape. I can’t say I feel that way about them.

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  2. Arkenaten says:

    There have been concerns raised about the number of birds killed because of them.
    In one survey their cost effectiveness was also questioned (forget which one) because of the times when there was no wind.

    I have mixed feelings about them to be honest.

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  3. Love that sound… like a kitten purring.

    Regarding bird deaths, I believe the incidence rate should decrease as the size of the turbine blades increases (which also increases efficiency and lowers the tone of the sound produced).

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  4. Carmen says:

    Hard to know, eh?


  5. shelldigger says:

    I’m all for wind power. Any alternaive to fossil fuels is an improvement. I’d love to have the $$ to build my own solar/wind setup and become grid independent.

    If we don’t break ourselves from our carbon habits it won’t be just the birds in trouble…

    I just had a thought, we have a perpetual wind machine already, we call it Trump.

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  6. I went to a wind farm once and got gas so they kicked me out.

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  7. I think we need to stop relying on dirty fossil fuel. These are a step in the right direction.

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  8. melouisef says:

    Do you have more wind than sun? Really?


  9. Real real me says:

    Hahaha, I believe some visitor may really try it (and others will believe it). Sounds familiar, right? 😀


  10. All Kenyans gotta check out my blog


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