80 thoughts on “Is the world gearing for world War 3? 

  1. Hariod Brawn says:

    The world isn’t, but there’s a loose Bannon in The White House that is.

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  2. Tish Farrell says:

    It certainly feels a bit as if we’re being talked into one i.e. talking up THE ENEMY -whoever that is. We did all the bogey man stuff during the Cold War. But I guess these days with Cyber Corp, it suits certain big corporations to create conflict hither and thither – I mean we’ve talked ourselves into a world war before – WW1 being a case in point and the biggest waste of humanity imaginable for no apparent purpose other than to sow the seeds for the next one. Oh how the arms manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank. Which makes me wonder why do we never remember to ask ‘Who benefits?’ If we did, why might get a bit of a fix on who the enemy actually is.

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  3. Well, no matter what happens, America is great, again. Right?

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  4. All world powers/empires lose their place after they think they are indestructible. America will end up like Rome… and all the others before it. Trump is opening the door to our most vulnerable targets… he is acting like an asshole, and we the people, will pay for his ego trip if he is not ousted fast.

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  5. lexborgia says:

    No. The world is enjoying (more than less) the peace and has zero desire for such insanity. Unfortunately, there’s a madman who wants and need one, to prove his manhood, to cement his greatness; we all know who he is. And I earnestly hope that some ‘constitutional organ’ will remove him before he causes that to happen. There’s no ‘real enemy’ out there, so he is creating one.

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  6. renudepride says:

    Given the results of the recent presidential election here in the USA, I believe we are on the cusp of another major war. The leadership in this country is extremely focused on “their way or no way” policies that are hard-line xenophobic and irreconcilable with any hope of moderation. The new president is a complete fool who opens his mouth and starts speaking without any thought to the consequences of his words. As long as he and those of his mindset are in power, I see only war and destruction as a result of their regime. I hope that you had a nice weekend, my Kenyan brother! Much love and many naked hugs!

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  7. Carmen says:

    Oh, Mak. As one of my professors used to say, “Can we not put that thought into the air?” . ..sigh. ..

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  8. Let’s put aside the megalomaniac Trump for a moment…

    Our world civilization is over-stressed from overpopulation, degrading natural resources, escalating climatic changes, rapidly advancing technologies (which are difficult for the larger populace to adapt to), social fragmentation, populist angst, in addition to the rise of political and religious extremism. It’s a tinderbox ready to ignite.

    Now, put the megalomaniac Trump back into the mix…

    What do you think is going to happen?

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  9. Eric Alagan says:

    I suppose it is considered a “world war” only when the European nations are involved.

    The reality my friend, in my opinion, the world has always been lurching from one war to another.

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  10. shelldigger says:

    Well, if the world didn’t hate us Americans enough already, Trump will convince them all to hate us equally.

    Please world, understand that many of us do not support Trump or his insane agenda.

    I only have enough ammo to hold out 2-3 days max. Need to start digging foxholes in the front yard… and a storm/fallout shelter. Food! We need more rice and beans dear!

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    • makagutu says:

      Don’t worry, the hate is well deserved. But it is mainly at your government and partially at the people for not demanding accountability for the drone attacks, the regimes your CIA has overthrown that have in worse ways destabilized entire regions

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      • shelldigger says:

        Well since you put it that way I have no option but to come live with you 🙂

        Even if the streets were lined with protesters, and even with news outlets reporting all the crap we pull, all we get are govt appointed hacks on the one side claiming sorrow and responsibility, and maybe they are looking in to it, or expressing sincere condolences, while in the meantime on the other side of that govt appointed hack, the same shit continues being done.

        There is much to love about our country but the govt has gone downhill well before the Great Orange Jack Ass took office. And with that guy in office I sure as hell dont expect it to get better anytime soon.

        Im beginning to hate myself…

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        • makagutu says:

          No, don’t hate yourself for your government. It would be a bad thing to do. I don’t hate myself that we have clowns in office.
          I think each of us, wherever we are, have something to love about where we find ourselves but that should not stop us from calling our elected officials out for doing shit. We must express our displeasure the best way we can.

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  11. ejwinner says:

    With the Thug administration now in Washington, and with no control over his ego other than conspiracy theorist yes-men, these are now the flashpoints (probably not full-scale wars, but certainly possible fire-fights):
    1. Iran; exchanges along their gulf coast.
    2. China: a) Taiwan;
    b) South China Sea.
    c) Diaoyu Islands (claimed by China and Japan).
    3. The Korean peninsula.
    4. Iraq; a ‘re-invasion’ (Thug’s own term) to claim oil ‘reparations’ for the original invasion.
    5. Mexico, which Thug has threatened to invade to chase “bad hombres” (presumably drug cartels).

    In addition, trade wars are likely between the US and the following countries: China and Mexico; and are possible between the US and Iran; Australia; South Korea, certain Latin American Countries; and even certain European countries, given Thug’s poorly disguised to help along and exploit a break-up of the European Union.

    Since I know you’re in Africa, I should point out that, because Thug has no interest in your Continent, your nations are safe from such neo-colonial over-reach; on the other hand, also expect US aid to African nations to dry up, or get tied to increasingly exploitative ‘business deals.’


    • makagutu says:

      He doesn’t deal in diamonds? Or has interests in oil? I hear there are American interests in Congo Kinshasa for their minerals and in SA. Then oil in Sudan, NIgeria, Angola and Libya and soon Kenya and Uganda.
      I think African governments should stop relying on Aid.

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      • ejwinner says:

        “I think African governments should stop relying on Aid. ”

        I understand; but it’s preferable to have a Washington willing to provide aid, then one that doesn’t care if you live or die.

        Let me clarify: Team Trump still sees Africa as “the Dark Continent;” sure they want African diamonds and oil; what they don’t want are Africans.

        Muslims and Mexicans today – nonwhites tomorrow. In the Thug mind you’re all just potential enemies.

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        • makagutu says:

          There are arguments against Aid.
          I think the governments in Europe and America knowingly give money to despots in Africa to allow them to continue to rape the continent and justify their aid. Trade is imbalanced between across the continents and these are the things that should change.
          Africa must learn to stand on its own. They cannot produce crude oil, export it only to import refined oil. Produce coffee beans, export it at a song and buy refined coffee at prices above the roof.


  12. rautakyy says:

    I read the article, and I would like to point out to the writer, that “you keep saying that word, but I do not think it means what you think it means” – revisionist. He addresses nations as singular entities, but that
    is a naïve view on the world. The leaders of China and Russia still have to answer to their own citizens and the ideologies they claim to hold. Just as much as the US leaders.

    The writer seems to think, that Russia and China are kept in check by US military and agressive politics, but in reality the failed wars the US has fought starting from Korea have already revealed how inflated the most expensive military on the planet actually is. If US economics could not withstand a war against a failed state such as Irak and if it could be utterly defeated by the determination of small Vietnam, how could it possibly stand in competition to such practical military might as Russia or especially China in a limited war?

    On the contrary, the US has set an example of global morals where it claims justification in attacking on sovereign countries without the blessing of the UN and when such a blessing is obtained, it has been sometimes achieved by very little short of blatant lying. Russia has now only been following on that same path of imperialism.

    The writer sets US imperialism in quotes, as if there did not exist such a thing. But it exists and it is a result of ideological capitalism. A revisionist version of colonialism.

    The US has the biggest arsenal of nukes, but those are ridiculous weapons, as one really can not use them. The only thing they confirm is that any country that wants to make sure the US shall not invade them has to aquire a nuke as soon as possible. If they are ever used and the taboo is broken, what then? Collapse of civilization at the very least, but far more likely a global extinction. Then there are the religionist madmen who expect the end of the world to be a good thing.

    The Chinese president commented on the world state in Davos pointing out, that the real problem in world economics is not automatization, or globalization, but actually the ever growing difference between income of the common people and the amount of property just few major capitalists hold. (He is a communist after all, but he is not wrong, is he?) It is the desperation and powerty, resulting from that disparity, that feeds the current populist segragationist, isolasionist and frankly tribal moralistic politics in many countries. Such desparation is also fed by the commercialism, that tells us that our lives are not fulfilled and happy, unless we own as much as the very few richest among us.

    At the moment history seems to repeat itself in a way. The western armies are once again – just as they were at the end of the colonialist era – small professional contingents (yes even those of the US) spread thinly, across the globe to controll small developing nations and economies, to force their dictators or otherwise regressive governments to provide cheap raw materials for the western corporations. The so called “middle classes” have so far benefited from the “trickling down” from these corporations, but as no economical political alternative to capitalism seems to survive any longer, the capitalists have once again grown greedier, and would not want to share with the middle classes. The western armies are really no match for the vast and well equipped peoples armies of the eastern empires of Russia and China, but the economic strength behind the western countries has poised a threat, that in a prolonged major conflict they could also marshall comparable armies.

    Every leader of a nation needs to convince their citizens of the casus belli, before engaging in a war. The global rise of right wing nationalist populism is a factor that makes such easier and that is the risk for ww3 that I see, since populist leaders are often appealing to emotion and as such are led by the spur of the moment, not unlike their supporters.

    WW2 was very much a result of US protectionism in the economic crises in the turn of 1929-1930. The international commerce slowed down and the limited vision of the common man gave political base for fascist populism to grow.

    Hitler had a plan for the Jews to send them all to Palestine, to avenge defeat in WWI to the French and to stop the advance of communism further to Europe, but it all got out of his hands, because he was not that well connected to reality and he relied on “alternative facts” like making Germany great again and Germans being somehow destined to lead the world.

    Sorry, this came out a bit long, but this is a big question…

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    • makagutu says:

      What a great analysis.

      I recall the CEO of Alibaba also told the US that they shouldn’t complain about a bad economy or something of the sort when they have been putting so much money in the military complexes instead of developing human capital.

      May, the UK PM, said she would use nuclear weapons in an aggression. I don’t know if such people know the devastation this would have? I think you make a lot of sense, any country that wants to remain safe from the US aggression should have nuclear warheads and a means of deployment. Having an ICBM is the way to go.

      The US can have no moral ground of telling some other nation, say China not to invade Taiwan. They have been invading countries or toppling regimes for no good reason at all. And as you say, it is not their military might that has kept China and Russia in check. Iraq is a mess, Libya is a mess after a combined NATO and US bombardment, Afghanistan is a mess. There is practically no war they have won that they would prop as an example to what they can do. Unless their aim is to disrupt livelihoods.


      • basenjibrian says:

        I think their aim is profit. All the bullets and munitions used in Iraq have to replaced. PROFIT!

        General Smedley Butler and his “War is a Racket” pamphlet is my favorite colloquial analysis of the reality. We fool ourselves when we try to find ideological “reasons” for these wars. They are just profit-making opportunities is all.

        Jello Biafra also nailed it (seminal 1980s American Punk Band):



      • rautakyy says:

        Thanks, though I did not really answer your main question. Did I? My answer, is that the world has been gearing up for WW3 from the very end of WW2, because, as you say, it is a method of making money and because it is a way to hold power, even when you have nothing at all to give to people and you would only want to exploit them. Riding and encouraging their fears is effective, when you do not want to discuss how to make the world a better place.

        How close is global war now? Well, closest we have come to WW3 was during the Reagan administration when he and the right wing hawks loudmouthed about Soviet Union being some sort of “Evil Empire” and based on their conviction of being able to militarily somehow resolve this problem, they had painted, they tested their ability in the “Operation Able Archer”. That did not turn out well and suddenly the foreign policy of Reagan changed from bombastic militarism, to trying to make peace with the Soviets. However, it could have gone so much more wrong and it was on the brink of turning into an actual WW3 in Europe. But no worries, Trump seems to be the bicth of Putin, or at very least his ultimate fanboy, so if he does not try to start a war with China – From wich his generals, if they are even nearly competent, should advice him to restrain himself, even if he got angry and tweeted something childish.

        There is a growing movement in the world to divide it once again along the lines of religious cultural lines, like during the crusades once it was. So we would percive people as our enemies for magical, super-, or otherwise unnatural and ultimately nonsensical reasons. This is a direct result of modern day colonialism and capitalism, where as a continuation to the colonial world the rich “west”, has been exploiting the poor “south”. The ridiculous thing is, that the warmongers of this religious-cultural war on both sides are the same sort of “conservatives”, who share the same values, like authoritarianism, ultra-nationalism, macho bull-attitude, misogynism, anti-feminism, homophobia, idolization of greed and selfishness and the only freedom they allow is might makes right liberty of the strong to oppress the weaker ones. In this way, the “immigration critical”, the Trumps, the Putins, the Netanyahoos, the neo-nazies and the ISIS morons are all the same bunch and share the very same core values. Further more, they seem unable to recognize, that they actually are on the same side against the modern world. Let us hope they never do, because I doubt they could come to the realist conclusion, that they were wrong, rather they would only turn against us as one…


        • makagutu says:

          I think in both instances you have answered my questions quite well.

          I think it works well for the powers that be in Washington to have an enemy. That way they can justify the amounts they spend in the military complex. First they had the communist as the enemy. Then they have a war on drugs and terrorism. Since all these wars are losing ventures, they may have a war against Islam couched in war against terrorism but actually just an attempt to relive the crusades or whatever they were called in the days they were fought.

          The two world wars were European affairs. And before that the Napoleonic wars were also European affairs. It does seem to me, we need to look to Europe to see the potential for the next world war.
          Trump, Putin and Xi may not be the ones to start it. But then again, one can never be sure.


  13. Nan says:

    In answer to your post question … I HOPE NOT!!

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  14. Real real me says:

    I don’t think it’s about to happen soon.
    The great countries/forces wouldn’t allow it.
    It’s the 21 century, the world is more developed, people are more organised. I believe a war on a world level could be prevented.

    P.S. I missed so many posts of yours.


    • makagutu says:

      No problem mate. It’s always good to see you.
      Human beings acting in large groups cannot be counted on to not to go to war if they have been persuaded that is the only right thing to do

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