what’s trumpsky got with the truth?

This is a dedication to all my friends suffering or tolerating the trumpsky nightmare or as he is more lovingly known, the orange president




Ben Carson is 

At it again. Last he spoke he told us the pyramids in Egypt were built by Joseph as strategic grain reserve, now if you are poor, it must be in the mind.

And following this advice I am going shopping and the supermarket can get their money from my mind. 

This is almost prophetic

Lecky writing many years ago opined that

A state of great internal disquietude is often a temptation to war, not because it leads to it directly, but because rulers find a foreign war the best means of turning dangerous and disturbing energies into new channels, and at the same time of strengthening the military and authoritative elements in the community. 

And this is almost true to a T in the US presently. It is like they have all but forgotten about Russiagate, Ivanka, Kushner, Gorsuch? and their orange president. 

And while we are at it. The president has banned Syrians from going to the US but he can bomb it. And while bombing Syria he behaves like the god of the old testament, destroy whatever you can, kill whoever you want except the one responsible. Isn’t the act of the US government an act of war? 

who is more inconvenienced the detained or the dead?

I will start with facts. I am no American citizen. I have a plan to go to NYC and visit one dear friend who lives there. I also want to visit many other places in the world and eventually settle somewhere with a beach front and where I will can spend my hard earned money without the fear of some taxman. I hate paying taxes. I really do.

But I digress.

I started reading a book; Pursuit of the millennium, and it promises to be interesting. But that also is not what this is about.

Many people have expressed outrage over the ban imposed by the tRump on some 7 Muslim countries that have been exporting terrorists to the US. KIA tells us he ain’t a supporter of the Donald but he approves of the ban. It is his right as a citizen of the US of A to want the government to protect him. I am also reliably informed that the countries of concern were drafted under the previous administration. In effect, we can say this is a wheel that was already on a roll and tRump has just accelerated it. I believe his government has its reasons for doing this.

Only those born yesterday would be unaware of the number of times the US government have toppled regimes elsewhere that threatened its corporations or exploitation of the locals. In banning those 7 countries while ignoring Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, countries that actually financed terrorists, Turkey that for a long time allowed ISIS to use its border as launching pad for activities in Syria stinks to high heavens. That people like Mike and others actually believe their government is protecting them while busy bombing others night and day is, to me, like the dreams of a child.

If you really want to be safe at home, you don’t burn your neighbour’s house. At the end of the day, it is the enemy within than without that you must fear. And what does this translate to? More surveillance, racial profiling and loss of freedoms in the name of national security.

Or maybe I am wrong in all this and KIA is right, in which case, mea culpa.

America’s Armed forces 

In times of peace by Major General Smedley Butler


Our Ideal Never Defensive

Lest this seem to be the bellicose pipedream of some dyspeptic desk soldier, let us remember that the military deal of our country has never been defensive warfare. Since the Revolution, only the United Kingdom has beaten our record for square miles of territory acquired by military conquest. Our exploits against the American Indian, against the Filipinos, the Mexicans, and against Spain are on a par with the campaigns of Genghis Khan, the Japanese in Manchuria and the African attack of Mussolini. No country has ever declared war on us before we first obliged them with that gesture. Our whole history shows we have never fought a defensive war. And at the rate our armed forces are being implemented at present, the odds are against our fighting one in the near future.

The War Plans Section spends all its time creating blue-prints for the “defense” of this country. This means, f course, vast schemes for foreign invasion and offensive war. The personnel of this division are those whose hides will never be scratched should hostilities occur. Consequently they can devise plans of whatever magnitude they fancy, and against any momentary “enemy.” Nothing troubles them; and, as we shall soon see, such a detail as how their next war is going to be paid for is not even considered.