The earth is flat

Now, this is one of the many topics we have not covered on this blog and time has come for us to finally dip our feet in this murky water.

So I was reading comments on Ark’s site and I saw somethin’ about Gleason map being a masterpiece of unequaled cartography, by the site’s resident mad man, and I went agoogling. And while reading the comments, I learnt that we have all been duped, there is no gravity! It’s all density and buoyancy. Dense things fall past buoyant ones. It feels funny typing this.

And that’s not all. They lied to you about the sun being far far far away. It is not. It is in the range of 3000miles and the moon is somewhere within that range too. So forget about all you know about the sun being far, it ain’t and the evidence is here.

And finally, I will never look at sunrise and sunsets the same way.

Any flat earther passing by should enlighten me on whether they have visited the extremes of the earth and what their view is of the other planets. Do they exist? Are they also flat? Oh, one last thing, as the earth is flat, is it a disc in space or it is on terra firma that is supported by some columns or ground beams?

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85 thoughts on “The earth is flat

  1. damn but there are stupid people in the world. I do wish we could ship them off.

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  2. When I read shit like this I completely come to understand how and why Donald Trump became President. The number of idiots out there who believe this shit is staggering. We are a race of idjits, I tellz ya!

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  3. Arkenaten says:

    According to Pratchett, it sits atop four elephants that are on the back of a large turtle and the sun orbits it as it gently swims through space.
    Oh, hold on a moment. That is Discworld, not Earth. Sorry.

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  4. jim- says:

    I saw when demonstration debunking the round earth with a sponge of water and a picture of a lake. (Real science too) He quickly spins the sponge and the water flies out. Not even close to the supposed 1000mph that the earth spins. Proof! My first thought was he should spin the sponge at one revolution per day, then see what happens. But, I’m just a heretic. I still can’t figure out how the water stays in a lake while we’re spinning so fast.

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  5. renudepride says:

    On a day such as this, with all the trouble and turmoil surrounding us, I can’t imagine why anyone would seek to challenge science. My esteemed younger nephew summed it properly, “Uncle Roger, the world is like one big cookie – we eat it and then its gone!” Poof! End of universe and life as we know it. It’s all attributable to one gigantic “cookie monster!” Naked hugs, my Kenyan brother! 🙂

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  6. Nan says:

    In the images … where are the pillars that are holding up the sky?

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  7. Don’t blame the Flat Earthers, it isn’t their fault. What can you expect from people whose intelligence has been flatlining since religious indoctrination short-circuited their brains? Can you get blood from a turnip? Can you make a blind man see? Give ’em a break, Mak – lol!

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  8. Well so much for the schooling I had…..gotta change all the round bit now…..sigh…..

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  9. I wonder how flat earthers explain horizons. Or crescent moon phases.


  10. Barry says:

    Clearly the Earth is flat and the sun goes around it. Why would scientists refer to sunrises and sunsets if they believe the earth rotates? That’s something they overlooked to “correct” when they created a “politically correct” universe to persuade us not to believe in our deities. For anyone who has eyes to see, the so called moon landing was forged to make the gullible worship science. They’re not fooling me!


  11. judyt54 says:

    –and and and that means that the planets are either fake news (o the horror) or really really teeny and someone just invented that Mars Rover and took pictures of it on a pretend Mars to fool us. Sorta like God did with the rocks. (You’d think god would have better ways to utilize his time, out there…)

    And if the sun is that close, then I guess it can’t be very hot, or we’d all be crispy critters in no time. (I need more sunscreen) My MIL used to say, if you want a better tan, get up on the roof, you’re closer to the sun up there…


  12. The earth sits on pillars. There is a dome firmament over us . And you do not see the curve when your at the beach and the ship you once saw, becomes out of view, aka, it went over the curve.. lol. No it did not. If you use binoculars, the ship is still in view. And there are 4 winds that come from the 4 corners of the earth. God Tells me the Earth is Stablished. It cannot be moved. And I believe GOD and NOT Science Theories…


    • Ron says:

      And I believe GOD and NOT Science Theories

      In posting your comment you’ve betrayed your belief in the scientific theories of electromagnetism and computation. Otherwise you would have trusted God to transport your thoughts to us telepathically.

      And when Christians go to the hospital for medical care they grant assent to their belief in germ theory, cell theory, atomic theory and the theory of evolution. Otherwise they’d trust God to heal them via prayer alone.

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      • Another crazy scientific “theory” is gravity. HA!! There’s NO such thing! We stay on the earth because God personally is holding each of us down onto it with his all-loving hands. Crazy to believe ANYTHING else. Science = EVIL!!! God = GOOD.

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      • Lol.. and Pharmaceuticals CURE!! hah, yea right! I believe in Prayer. You all believe things that other ppl say n you all take it as FACT. How many times has the GOV lied to you!?? How many times are u going to believe the FAKE China moon landings… its soo funny you all believe in Things that are complete THEORIES!! they are NOT FACT!!! why is Science so Confusing. It mskes no sense. If you cannot explain something to people that they cannot understand , its because its a lie!! See for yourself!! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!! all u people are coming at me because of wht i believe. None of you have anything to say to me. You have not done your own research. You believe in What other Ppl say and So do I. I believe the word of GOD. For a fact, HE has not lied to me. You believe in your SCIENCE , and theoretically your being lied to.. with Theories. So please. Everyones insults are meaningless. Because you have done ZERO RESEARCH FOR YOURSELVES AND I HAVE.


    • Nan says:

      And what other fairy tales do you believe are real?


      • I believe in Fact. What Fact are you getting to believe otherwise? I believe in Common sense and I believe in what I experience. I do not feel the earth moving a thousand miles per hour. If it were we would feel something. Just like turbulence in an airplane. The earth would make some sort of noise. And we see the Same stars all the time. Hows tht happen?… oh wait…. How about you people do your Own Research and approach me with information other than With what OTHER ppl tell you. And let me guess, ALL OF YOU still believe in Santa Clause? Cuz ur mommy and daddies said hes real. And you all of you believed it!!!! And you all were lied to!! Hahaha!! You all Believed in the Global lie of Santa Clause, and Because I believe in REALITY and What I Experienced in Life, I know for a FACT there is a GOD and I Believe HIM. , you all want to call my beliefs CRAZY or FAIRY TALES.. well look whose talking, You all believed in Santa!!!


    • makagutu says:

      These pillars, do they go all the way to terra firma or they float in air?
      Which god talks to you?


  13. Kimberly Edwardskme says:

    God’s word the Bible says, “There is One who dwells above the circle of the earth.”Isaiah 40:22 and “He stretches out the northern sky over empty space, suspending the earth upon nothing.” Job 26:7


  14. Stacey McStationary says:

    Earth is flat, stationary, and has foundations. Stars are lights in the sky, just as they appear.


  15. sejepps says:

    Infinite Szion Plane…¥/



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