Various approaches to covid19 disease

So far, in many countries, there are strict lockdown measures and social distancing requirements that seem to be working for some and not in other areas. Why this is the case is a question for researchers to answer. In Tanzania, our neighbour to the south, the president has declared a 3 day period for prayer to ask for healing and protection. I hope it works so their cases don’t spike. I might just start praying to the gods of my ancestors.

I am hoping the few cases being recorded in Africa, and war torn places like Yemen is not really because they don’t have testing capacity but that they have no cases.

It appears the debate of where the virus arose will not be resolved soon. And how this will play between China and the rest of the world will be hard to tell.

There has been push back after Trump said he has total authority, that American presidents do what they what want. Part of the argument is he doesn’t have such powers but from where I sit, Trump is partially right. They do whatever the fuck they want, generally, except on US soil bit even this seems to diminish by the day. They send drones they way Santa sends gifts- all in the name of keeping us safe from extremists-, they can order the taking out of any target they want. The rule of law exists for lesser mortals. And when Trump says the US is withdrawing from UNESCO, the US does. When Trump wants the Israel embassy to be in Jerusalem, the fucking embassy moves!