In Volney’s

The ruins, he argues all the torments of man can be tied to two things: ignorance and cupidity. It is these two that have led men to break his relation to nature, made the world a theatre of blood, discord and rapine.

This reminds me of this post I wrote 3 years ago on a related topic. In it, the main character tells us the three sources of evil is discrimination, poverty and ignorance. It seems to me we can reclassify discrimination and poverty under cupidity.

We seem to be on a course to make the earth inhabitable for future generations or if not through environmental disaster to kill each other in endless wars or pandemics. The solution, again to these problems can only be found in self-love.

Sterile labors! How many millions lost in putting one stone upon another, under the forms of temples and churches!

Volley, The Ruins