On morals

A lot has been written on this subject and a lot will continue to be written. On whether the huge volume of the subject has improved our knowledge of the subject is still up for debate. It is in this vain, that I will add my thoughts to the subject. It is not to be imagined that this is my first article on the subject. Various of my musings can be found on this site.

What is the basis of morality? Self love. The maxim, do not do unto others what you don’t want done unto you and the positive one that do unto others what you would wish done unto you. The nature of man and woman has not changed in the many years we have existed. We avoid pain and seek pleasure. And sometimes, we can bear pain if it leads to a future pleasure. In essence, therefore, morality has the appearance of universality because everywhere human beings have the same nature.

What has religion to do with morality. Nothing. Except sometimes to pollute it or claim that it was dictated by either their god or prophets.

It is my view that any other claims to the basis of morality that doesn’t refer to self love are all empty and chimerical.

In finishing, I refer to my last post in which I enquired whether we should judge the ancients by the standards of today, I submit yes. It was wrong then and it is wrong now to hold others as slaves and chattels. It is contrary to morality. It was contrary to morality to hold the inquisition especially on matters so doubtful and unfounded on the right way to believe.

I am open to be persuaded that I am wrong on this.