Blog post 7: A question

For readers in Britain, you may have more details on this case than I do, and that fortunately is not the question. It is a case between a married 30 year old teacher and his 15 year old student who had a crush on him and from what I gather from the report exchanged explicit texts, went to France where they were on the run for a few days. I gather the teacher is being accused of abduction.

The question here is, when is a girl/boy mature enough to consent to sex? Though the teacher isn’t on trial for any sex offence as far as I can tell, I think this relationship between the two of them forms a good basis for dealing with the question of consensual sex.

Jeremy Forrest trial: Teacher’s ‘multiple sex sessions’

Some news from the neck of woods

Folks, whenever I write about my neck of the woods, am complaining about some church minister or the idiots sorry meant the politicians who hold the rest of us hostage so today I thought I could share about something where we lead the world or at least the world should learn from us.

Our cooperative[SACCO] movement has helped to alleviate several thousand out of poverty.

The next innovation where we have led is mobile money transfer. Mobile phones here basically are small mobile banks.

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