Nude art: Are there any social and moral dilemmas

I live in a society that seems to me to be over zealous in fighting what pastors and police think are crimes against our sensibilities. If the police are not busy arresting ladies of the night they will be found arresting  young men smoking marijuana,  revelers at strip clubs while people are being violently robbed in the streets or in homes and a response time running into several hours.

In one of our dailies, a priest is quoted as saying this of nude art

It is intolerable according to the church’s principles and goes against the founding morals that guide our behaviours,

and continues to say

A wrong is a wrong, no matter what, how, when and who does it. Nakedness is sinful in itself and there is no two ways about it. The Bible says our bodies are temples of the Lord and there is time for everything.

Such claims by religious people irk me. For one, the priest doesn’t tell us when stories of Hebrew herdsmen became African and two not so long ago our fathers went in bare clothing that covered only essentials while children and young adolescents roamed with their goods for all the world to see. I find this the height of hypocrisy to claim that nudity is wrong because the bible says so!

I think the priest and those who support his cause should read this post and reflect about it as they do bible stories before they can comment. And while at it, I would want to know how many of them are born clothed and shower in their clothes.

And for good measure


Photograph by Eivydas