the christian argument against reincarnation

The one thing I like about religious discussions is how each religion/ religious person is able to see the absurdity in the other though in this case, I think the Christian is a little confused. So without boring you fine people to death, I present the best argument against reincarnation I have found.

For us Christians, that idea is not possible ever no matter how hard you look at it and here is why. All of the facts you stated above is true for a lot of people but isn’t proof to anything. There is a scientific explanation to them that does not involve supernatural stuff, just ask any good psychologist and the will tell you how. Ecclesiastes 1v9 the world is a circle things come and go and that’s just the way it.That being said that does not mean reincarnation is involved. Humans have been the same since the begin we make the same mistakes over and over again. As christian we live and die and go to heaven (assuming we died in the hands of God). Just think simple logic here people. if we just kept reincarnating over and over then what was the point of Jesus coming to die on the cross to save us from sin? He wouldn’t have to because we could have saved ourselves by just coming back over and over again until we lived a good life. Revelation 5v4 and with so many and many another verse in the bible shows us that no one and I mean no one is worthy to go heaven or see God because we are so sinful. I could spend all day telling of verses in the bible that tells us that we can’t make it alone no matter how hard we tried. No one can save us but God. If that wasn’t enough proof to bury your little theory God specifically said to let the dead bury the dead in Luke 9v60. Do you know why he said that? because once you are dead there is nothing you can do to save yourself because it’s all over. Read Psalm 115v17 or even Isaiah 38v18 to help you understand how wrong you are about all of this. It does not get much clearer than that. We should read our Bible to find the answer to tell of our questions or else we get confused. I pray that God opens your eyes to more questions that troubles you 🙂

That will be all for today.