The solution to the problem of evil

We are, because the world is what it is, and not that the world is because we are.

It must have been Einstein who said he has been able to see far by stepping on the shoulder of giants and the same can be said of any one who has made mental progress by drawing from the accumulated knowledge of the race.

So one wonders if some Christians and religious apologists start always by inventing the wheel. Do they think their balderdash is so original? Is it so hard to try and find out what others have said on a particular topic before you add your 2 cents?

In there is no god, an attempt is made to resolve the problem of evil and the theist is confident he has solved the problem for all time.

It cannot be stated enough that Epicurus wasn’t trying to disprove the existence of god. His whole thesis is based upon the conception of god as good and in the final sentence asks why call this thing god if it can’t do anything we would expect from a good being. If one could conceive of a god that isn’t good, then Epicurus question is defeated before it can walk but no religious person thinks of their god as being anything less than good.

But I digress. I know you are waiting for the final solution to the problem.

And the answer is

Does evil exist?  It does not

And some added information

Does free will exist?  It does

Free Will exist, that we are all given the ability to choose for ourselves. It is, free and independent choice or a voluntary decision.

And if you didn’t know

One does not simply stop believing in God.  In fact, even atheists at the core believe in a god, whether it is themselves, another person, an institution, a system, or even a set of beliefs.  All of humanity cling to something.  All of humanity worship something.

and finally if you should so find yourself in the other place, remember

Just as a good and loving parent would enforce consequences on a disobedient child, so God does the same.  God has given us options, by having options, He has given us the ability to choose.  If a parent does not punish it’s child due to disobedience, that parent is not a loving parent, they are instead enabling a self destructive attitude. By not helping to teach their child that there are consequences, both good and bad to every decision.

and that my friends is unassailable logic. You can’t beat it, I can’t even if I tried.