How come some don’t believe there is a god

One would go mad if one took the Bible seriously; but to take it seriously one must be already mad

Aleister Crowley

Because they are educated.

The rev is telling us he believes there is a god because he was in the maternity ward and beheld a little baby. I must ask the reverend if while at the labour ward, did the cries of agony of the mothers trying to deliver their little babes into his loving arms remind him of god?

Next, he says we are atheists because of our inability to answer, satisfactorily, the problem of evil. I wonder if the good reverent has an answer.

The reverent also thinks some of us are atheists because we were hurt by the messengers of the good news of redemption.

The reverent has a question. He says

I’d love to ask any of them what they think of Jesus Christ. I’d furthermore like to invite their responses to the question, “What do you think of the comments made by historian after historian down through the generations that this man Jesus Christ is the most important man who ever lived?”

I will venture to answer him. Some anonymous persons wrote stories about Jesus. And this biographers had Jesus live such a short life. Had he got himself a wife, had children, suffered loss of seeing a child die before you or the death of a mother, maybe then we could start to have a conversation. But their Jesus is a man-god, pops into existence and out like a pulsar. He writes nothing, teaches nothing new and then gets himself killed for religious intolerance. Tell me about someone else. Your Jesus, reverent, is not the most important man that ever lived. We don’t know he lived. Your Jesus, I venture, has been raised from obscurity by the church and thanks to Constantine, it has taken long to bury this superstition with others.

In his conclusion, the rev writes

For let’s face it, if you forthrightly profess to be an atheist, deep down, at least according to you . . . there’s a substantial reason why!

And I venture to say, with Percy Shelley, that as ignorance gave birth to the gods, education will lead to their death. The substantial reason why I don’t believe is because I am educated.

How come some don’t believe