Easter will soon be here

and charlatans of whatever stripe will tell you, if you are unlucky that their good book tells accurate history about an execution years ago. This video should help with keeping such vultures away

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21 thoughts on “Easter will soon be here

  1. ladysighs says:

    The video suggests how to read about Easter.
    IMHO….The best way to read this ………. is just to not read it at all.
    Funny video. 🙂


  2. archaeopteryx1 says:

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  3. archaeopteryx1 says:


  4. Cara says:

    Easter will soon be here. My good book (which is actually an appointment book) tells me I must see the Ukrainian lady does my facials & waxes my eyebrows and visit with the Chinese woman who does my nails before Easter. My other good book (which isn’t so much a book as a collection of spring magazines) suggests I choose a colorful (colorful as in not head to toe black) ensemble to wear on easter and make sure it fits me, is clean and in good condition when the day arrives.

    As for what’s known as THE good book, the priest will read from it on easter while my mother smugly considers herself better than everyone else & my father sleeps behind sunglasses (I will not attend that reading because I don’t care to).

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    • makagutu says:

      You have great good books and every reason not to bother about the other one. I wonder who imagined it as a good book unless they are saying murder, rape, killing of animals, and so on are good acts

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  5. john zande says:

    Easter! Time for my favourite meme 🙂


  6. When the angel landed on the stone I thought I heard, “Then the angel of the Lord rolled away the stone from the tomb and shat upon it.” I like that story better. It’s funny. Smelly, but funny.

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