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KIA has this post on his blog. One of the comments on the post is going to be the subject of this blog. Hopefully it will not be a long post. The comments will be indented. The author is spaniardviii.

First I would like to say that Yahweh and Allah are not the same God.

Technically maybe. Yahweh is the Jewish name of their god. Allah the way Arabs call their god.

Allah in the Qur’an has titles that belong to Satan in the Bible.

That’s like comparing lemons and oranges. They are different books with different authors.

Its hard to understand the character of God when one doesn’t understand the consequences of sin or evil in the world.

I don’t see how the two should be related. I am yet to meet a believer who knows the character of god. I have however read in many places where apologists argue the nature of god cannot be known or is beyond human understanding. Sin being a religious invention as an offence against god is doomed the same way god is doomed. We have no knowledge of what god is, we can have no knowledge of how to offend it nor know its demands.

For starters, logically speaking, nothing can create something just put it to the test and you will get nothing regardless of time.

Makes no sense.

God is holy and righteous and we are under the creators rules.

Citation needed.

His rules are based on His character which is love

We have no way of knowing this. This claim is arbitrary and has no basis in fact on experience.

Nothing unclean meaning sin can be with Him and as a righteous God sin has to be punished

We ask the believer to tell us whence sin came from? Did god allow it to be in the world? Was it helpless to prevent it from gaining a foothold?

Why God sends people to Hades? God never made Hell for people it was created for Satan and his fallen angels because they chose to rebel against God and sinned.

Not too fast. It seems settled god made hell. It also seems settled god had no intention to reform Satan and it does seem also that Satan and the fallen angels saw something defective with god that led them to rebel. We must find out what it was. Templeton Foundation could fund this study: On the rebellion of Satan and the fallen angels.

Once Adam sinned men were now going there because punishment for sin is Hell.

Is this not absurd? Punishing your last born child for the infractions of the first born, where the last born has no idea what the first born did, why they did it.

Why Hell? The Bible doesn’t say why it has to be fire but I can give you my opinion according to reading and studying scripture closely. Men’s spirit came from within God and since God is eternal we are eternal. Sin has to be punished and in Hell sin is being punished and since will live eternally we get punished eternally.

Believers claim their god is all knowing. One would wonder why not just create people in hell? What difference would a few years on earth make if one will be in hell for eternity plus one year?

Now just because we don’t understand Hell as being the appropriate punishment doesn’t make it untrue. Hell is so serious and God loves us so much that He sent His Son to get the punishment we deserve upon Himself which is death so that grace could it offered.

I don’t know about you, but there is no way I am going to express my love by killing my innocent child for the transgressions of my neighbour. Maybe my understanding of love is deficient.

Jesus died in our place, was buried and on the third day rose from the grave in victory to show the human race of His love that He was willing and did give up His life for us.

I don’t like to be the party spoiler. We have no evidence for Jesus existing. Nor for his dying for anyone’s transgressions.

Imagine a father who sees his son in danger. A bear is charging the boy and the boy’s father grabs his son and tells him to run. The father confronts the bear so that his son as a chance to escape to safety. In the process the father dies but he dies knowing that his son will live, that is true love

That’s being a responsible father. He dies not because he wants to. His death is unfortunate. It’s accidental.

The atheist believe in survival of the fittest who excludes self sacrifice.

I am yet to meet anyone who does something without the opportunity of benefit. What the benefit is can be conferred post-mortem. To use a mythical example, Jesus agrees to die on the cross so he can back to be with the father. Without that, he wouldn’t do it. And I guess, at the point of his death, he realizes it was all a waste. He had lied to himself. That is, if he lived!

I have strong testimonies of what God did for me and I have actually seen demons walking in my house.

Which is all good. Next time take photos of the demons or record them. We might learn something from them. I guess you don’t expect me to believe based on your experience.

I have witness the spiritual realm with my own eyes which strengthens my faith even further not that I needed it to obtain faith because faith comes from Jesus but it shows me the reality of darkness working against God to blind the eyes of people so that they won’t believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Darkness must be doing a better job than your god. Don’t blame people. It is your make believe god that has failed.